Where to Buy Votive Candles? Best 6 Online Stores

buy votive candles

Votive candles are beautiful décor products that look short in stature but perform great wonders when it comes to uplifting home aesthetics.

Carrying a legacy of being burnt for offerings and prayers, both small and large votive candles of late have started to enjoy enormous fan base across the world for their prowess of making quintessential décor statements at homes and events.

Votive Candles in Bulk

buy votive candles bulk

Churches, Chapels and places of offerings were the only whereabouts that votive candles graced with their presence in the past but now, home interiors, personal spaces, offices, restaurants, lounges, spas and where not? They have stamped their presence almost everywhere but where to buy votive candles? Scented votive candles are a craze in this modern era as people feel their aroma is so powerful to put their stressed out minds into a state of tranquility.


If scented votive candles are about tranquility then colored votive candles are about creating chic artistic signatures at the showcases, teapoys, on top of tables accenting those décor nuances with their sheer presence and flair.

Best Tealights & Votive Candles Stores

So, choosing the right kind of votive candles as per your liking from the right place is a decision that not just makes a difference but makes some stunning home furnishings as well. And now, let’s see the most desired online stores that people buy votive candles from.


cheap votive candles

Though there are innumerable online stores on the internet offering votive candles, only countable websites maintain high standards and Efavormart is one among them for sure.

Votive Candles Wholesale

The unique selling point of Efavormart proves to be their artistically designed products and attractive offers that come alongside them. The clear glass votive candle holders that come paired with 12 Pack Ivory Votive Candles is one irresistible offer.

votive candles

Along with their affordable prices, Efavormart also offers gorgeous designs and the 12 Pack Lavender Votive Candles or 12 Pack White Votive Candles and the White Swan Heart Votive Candles corroborate that fact. Artistic designs, affordability and attractive deals and combos have entitled Efavormart to be held as sure favorites in the hearts of many customers.


Yankee Candle 3 Votive Small Jar

Speak about votive candles and everyone comes up with the name Yankee Candle spontaneously as that is the legacy and reputation the candle makers have carried for many decades with innovatively created and packed scented votive candles.

Scented Votive Candles

Brilliant aromatic scented votive candles and colored votive candles such as the Sicilian Lemon Votive Candles and the Fresh Cut Roses Votive Candles are just the perfect décor items to lift up your spirits during anytime of the day.


The aroma from these scented votive candles not just rejuvenate your senses but also fill your abode with splendid vibes acting as refreshener. Apart from fresheners, Yankee Candle also comes with some interesting fragrances in their colored votive candles. The Chocolate Layer Cake Votive Candles and Café Al Fresco Votive Candles add proof to that making everyone crave for those sweet delicacies.


Votive Candles

Next on the list of our most sought-after online stores for buying votive candles is Ehomemart. Chic products with elegant designs have made Ehomemart a loved name in the minds of many online buyers. Products that are completely focused on elevating home aesthetics by creating exemplary décor signatures that impress one and all visiting your house is the statement of truth that makes Ehomemart click.

LED Votive Candles

led votive candles

Unique décor items such as the 12 Pack Dripless Unscented Votive Candles and the 3 Pack Flicker Flameless LED Votive Candles appeal fashionable and elegant to the eyes garnering attention and accolades. Apart from being fashionable, these flameless votive candles are also ergonomic to use and perfectly gel when placed anywhere inside your home.


led candles

It is completely fair and safe enough to say that Amazon is one among a few brands that has become a household name across the globe when it comes to buying anything ranging from daily needs to extravagant products. And it applies to votive candles as well with wondrous varieties stacked among its inventory.

Cheap Votive Candles

square candles votive

Be it the prominently used white Unscented Votive Candles in Glass or the glamorous Black Votive Candles with Clear Decorative Glass Holders, Amazon never ceases to amaze any buyer being truthful to its name. And the scented votive candle varieties only make your house look more versatile and lively in the form of Hyoola Clear Cup Scented Votive Candles and Burhetten Fresh Solid Romantic Votive Candles.


glitter led votives

Well, speaking about online stores for buying votive candles and this name might make you read twice thinking whether you read the name right! And yes, you sure did! True to its name Tableclothsfactory offers some wide range of flamboyant and mind blowing pieces of table linens but do not fall short with its votive candle category too.

Votive Candles Holders

votive candles holders

Words like elegance, subtlety and shimmer are physically defined here at Tableclothsfactory in the form of their votive candles along with their votive candle holders. The 12 Pack White Votive Candles with Amber Votive Holder Set gathers everyone’s attention and praises effortlessly with its glossy shimmer with the candle flame and simplistic yet elegant design. And on the contrary, the White Votive Candles with Frosted Votive Holder Set looks lustrous and makes any event or occasion at your house become phenomenal.


lavanda votive candles

Another giant in the world of ecommerce and online purchasing that enjoys superior customer base around the world is Walmart. Versatility with its stock of items which can be utilized for various occasions as décor theme or to improvise your home interiors, Walmart never fails to impress its loyal customers.

Votive Candles in Bulk

tall birchwood candle

The modish collections of votive candles from Walmart exude surreal beauty in the form of 16 Pack Unscented Votive Candles and the Unscented Filled Votive Glass Candles. Though they display subtlety and elegance, these votive candles are sure to create mighty impressions with every guest. But the 12 Count Silver Filled Votive is a luxuriant variety of a décor item that receives undivided attention from every gazing visitor making them all fall in love with its impeccable style and grandeur.

where to buy votive candles near me

DIY Votive Candles

Let’s see some amazing DIY votive candle ideas:

Crayon Candle

18 candle holders

Ice Candles

4 votives


40 Stuning DIY Votive Candle Holder Ideas 14


In conclusion

Well, after discussing so much, you know what to say when someone asks, where to buy votive candles? It cannot be said outright to buy votive candles only in these stores but checking out all possibilities before buying these wondrous items gives you options but more importantly, satisfaction as well!

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