Votive Candle Holders in Bulk

bulk votive candle holders

It is said that your candle holder must be as elegant as your candle as the two work together to enhance the ambiance of any space. So, it is important that you pair your candles with appropriate candle holders.

Bulk Votive Candle Holders

For all types of candles, whether tea lights, pillar or taper candles, there is a matching candle holder named after the type of candle it is designed to hold. Talking specifically about votive candle holders, they are made up of different materials like glass, wood, iron, and other metals.

Votive Candle Holders in Bulk

Carved out of different materials, votive candle holders can easily be spruced up to fit in with any tabletop or vignette display.

Why Votive Candle Holder is Crucial?

There are several candles like tall pillar candles that you can burn without candle holders. However, it is not true for votive candles as they are designed to melt and burn fully. If you burn a votive candle without a candle holder, it can create a fire hazard.

Bulk Votive Candle Holders

Therefore, it important that you choose a votive candleholder that perfectly complements and burns your votives effectively.

Bulk votives

Picking the Best Votive Candle Holder

While looks are important, you should not grab just any votive candle holder that appeals to your eyes. Your choice of candle holder should be influenced by various factors: size, appearance, longevity, type of material, price, functionality, and more!

fall decor outside

Your candles should perfectly fit within the candle holder, else there is a risk of them falling down. Opt for candle holders that are fashioned out of premium quality material as they will last long.

table dinner votives

Measure your candle base in advance as well as the diameter of the candle holder cup opening to ensure that your candles fit perfectly in the candle holders.

Best Votive Candle Holders to Choose

While all votive candle holders look good, glass votive candle holders are the best. Glass votives are sustainable, resistant to heat, and come in the most appealing designs as compared to other materials. Graceful and simple, these candle holders are also easy to clean.

top candle decoration ideas

The long stem votive candle holders, mercury glass votive candle holders, and stemmed votive lamp holders are some of the best glass votive candle holders available in the market. These candle holders are suitable for daily use as well as special occasions like parties, weddings, and anniversaries.

Where to Buy Votive Candle Holders in Bulk

bulk votives

Let’s see some online stores where you can shop votive candle holders in bulk:

DIY Votive candle holders

If you want to save a few bucks, you may choose to make your own votive candleholders. Grab any clear wine glass at your home to make your desired votive holder.  There are so many online stores that sell high-quality supplies for making your own candle holders at home. Also, there are several tutorials available online that teach you how to make DIY votive candle holders.

diy can votive


If you are looking for an affordable housewarming gift or just want to decorate your home, you can choose from a variety of votive candle holders that are available online.wood votives

There is no doubt that these candle holders will instantly transform the look of your place and attract the attention of onlookers. They will create a relaxed and serene ambiance no matter where they are placed.

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