The Best Votive Candle Holders for Home and Events

best votive candle holders
best votive candle holders

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Votive Candle Holders

Votive holders are small candle holders that are designed to hold tea lights or votive candles. Using candle votives gives you the advantage of better and more even lighting. You no longer need to worry about uneven lighting or wax buildup due to votive candles. Combine different themes to create your own look. They will add extra elegance to your home or event!

Unlimited Votive Candle Holder styles and designs to fit your lighting requirements and decor. Create the perfect mood with these beautiful votive candles and lighting accessories. These beautiful pieces are designed to accent tables in weddings and events. Available in a variety of styles and colors, from crystal, metal, mercury, wooden and glass votive candle holders, to oyster votive candle cups, candle lanterns, lotus cups, and wall votive candle holders. Browse through the wide variety of votive holders and select your favorite to complement your style.

Select your favorite Votive Candle Holder Style

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What colors do you prefer?

Gorgeous votive candle holders come in a variety of colors. Beautifully crafted to enhance any decor, they are perfect for a wedding reception, a birthday party, or just an at-home get-together. Ideal for votives of all sizes, pick colored votive candleholders that complement the color scheme of your event and stylishly display your favorite gently flaming candles for all to see. What does the color you choose say about you?

Gold Votive Candle Holders

Elegant Gold Votive Candle Holders

Create the perfect ambiance with golden votive candle holders for home, weddings, events, and celebrations. Whether you’re lighting a single candle or setting an entire table ablaze, these high-quality votives will brighten any space. Gold votive candleholders are the perfect combination of elegance and class. They are great when you are looking to add a radiant glow to your party.

Gold Votive Candle Holders

Affordable Glass Votive Candle Holders

Perfect for keeping a bright and long-lasting flame, votive glass candle holders will make any event brighter and more memorable.

It’s the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and all other special occasions. Great for home décor as well!

Glass Votive Candle Holders
Cheap Glass Votive Candle Holders

Silver Votive Candle Holders

Similar to gold votive holders but lacking the bright luster of gold hues, Silver votive candleholders have a dull, soft shine making them appear classy and elegant.

They are a classic beauty and treasure to admire for years and years to come. The silver votive candle holders features an authenticity that is sure to make them a focal point in your home or event.

Silver Votive Candle Holders

How To Use Votive Candle Holder?

Made to be a part of all kinds of decor, ranging from home decoration to wedding decorations, votive holders are versatile decorative pieces to be used inside or outside and are ideal for wedding centerpieces, home decor and retail display. Votives come in many styles and colors to match the interior or event design.

Votive Candle Holders Hanging

Hang them in windows or from the ceiling for a poetic look. You can use screws and a cordless drill! The simple, clean lines and design allow them to blend in with any decor or color scheme. Perfect for weddings, special events, and more!

Hanging Votive Candle Holders
Hanging Votive Candle Holders
Wall Votive Candle Holders

Cheap Wall Votive Candle Holders

Anyone can decorate with candles, but only the truly inspired ones know that presentation is as important as the decor accessories. Warm up your home with wall votive candleholders.

  • Ideas for wall candle holders
  • How to clean wall candle holders

They feature an enticing design and built-in photoluminescent light strips for a warm, moody setting.

Wall Votive Candle Holders

Decorative Votive Candle Holders

They look so lovely as decorations when placed in a group on a mantle or even standing alone on a table top, shelf or floor. Votive candle holders (also called votive candle cups or candle lanterns) make great home decor accessories for anyone that loves candles.

  • Ideas for votive candle holders
  • How to clean votive candle holders
  • How to use votive candles
Best Decorative Votive Candle Holders
Decorative votive candle holders

Light up your Event!

Votive candle holders are made to be a part of all kinds of decor, ranging from home decoration to wedding decorations. Votive candleholders come in different shapes and sizes. They can be used in inns, churches, weddings, cafes, homes and even for romantic dinners at restaurants. They are sure to be an eye catching decoration at any event.


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Votive candle holders for weddings

Votive Candle Holders for Weddings

Give a finishing touch to your wedding decor. They look charming when paired with other glass vases in shades of blue, green and pink to match any color scheme. You can mix and match these candle-holders for weddings to create a modern centerpiece no matter which wedding theme you choose.

Best Votive Candle Holders for Weddings

Luxurious Votive Candle Holders for Christmas

Enhance the seasonal beauty of your table setting with elegant candle holders. They are a great way to add light, warmth and fragrance to all celebrations. Set the right mood for your Christmas dinner!

  • How to decorate votive candle holders for Christmas

Place votive candle holders on a mantle, Christmas tree, windowsill, or tabletop to gracefully incorporate them in your interior design.

Best Votive Candle Holders for Christmas
Halloween Votive Candle Holders

Votive Candle Holders for Halloween

The power of candles is indisputable. They add a wonderful touch to any table with their beautiful designs.

  • How to make votive candleholders for Halloween
  • How to glitter votive candle holders
Best Votive Candle Holders for Halloween

DIY Votive Candle Holders

Hey! Are you tired of the same old votive candleholders? Bored with the way your votives look? You might enjoy this new section. These DIY votives make everything from a gift to a nightlight fresh and exciting.

They are an eye-catching accessory for all types of gatherings.

DIY Votive Candle Holders
DIY Votive Candles
Votive Candle Holders for Church

Votive Candle Holders for Church

Traditionally votive candles are used in Catholic churches and Jewish synagogues. Votive candles are also used as a symbol of hope, faith, love, friendship and healing without hatred or judgment. Hundreds of people light votive candles and pray to God. The wax melts when the candle burns down, pouring out peaceful feelings and wishes for the keepers.

Votive Candle Holders for Church

Vintage & Modern Votive Candle Holders

These rustic and modern votive candle holders make a gorgeous addition to your table for the holidays or year-round. Beautiful rustic-modern votive candle holders are a perfect wedding or bridal shower gift. They also make an awesome house warming gift, especially when paired with a bottle of wine! Use votive candleholders to highlight floral centerpieces on a wedding table or showcase them on your favorite accent table or position them in a group to create a rustic mantel decor.

Votive Candle Holders in Bulk

The easiest way to create the perfect ambiance without breaking the bank. Stores offer a huge selection of votive candle-holders in various colors at low prices. Available in Gold, Silver, Clear, Red, Blue, Rose Gold, White, Green, Amber, Pink, Orange, Purple, Bronze, Turquoise and Black colors.

If you like your candles to be the center of attention, these cheap votive candle holders are perfect for you.

Bulk Votive Candle Holders
Bulk Votive Candle Holders
led Candle Holders

LED Flameless Votive Candles

Bring a peaceful glow to your home with LED votive candles. Most of them offer hours of continuous lighting and come with a remote operation that lets you turn it on/off from afar or schedule it to light up on a daily basis.

  • Affordable LED votive candles

You can now set your candles to switch through colors or turn on any one color at a time. And since they are flameless, children have nothing to fear about being near the flameless LED candles.

LED Votive Candles

Where to Buy Votive Candle Holders

Stop searching. These are the best votive candle holder stores: best value, quality and money back guarantee. You can purchase them online with high security and privacy. Votive candleholders make a great decorative piece or gifts for someone who is difficult to shop for.


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Where to Buy Votive Candle Holders

The Best Way to Hold a Votive Candle

Add a personal touch to your decor and discover why they are perfect for your home, event, and life style. There are so many votive candleholders in the market. With not much difference between them, it is pretty hard to decide which one to choose. That is why we decided to do some research and analysis so we can recommend you the best option.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Votive Candle Holder?

They were originally designed to hold votive candles which were used in medieval and renaissance churches and homes during religious ceremonies and banquets. They’re made of different materials such as metal, glass, ceramic and others.

What are they used for?

What is the use of votive holder? Votive holders are used to hold candles in place and to protect surfaces from hot wax, smoke and fire.

Where can Votive Candle Holders be placed?

Where do you put votive candles? These candle holders can be used both outside and inside the house or wherever you need to light up candles.