How Long do Votive Candles Burn?

how long burn candles

Whether you’re planning on inviting your friends over an evening get together or you wish to renew your space with a hint of mid-summer décor, candles are the perfect remedy to give your house a magical and enchanting look.

Like many of us, if you also prefer hosting events and celebrations at nighttime to get rid of the summer heat during the day, you would surely want to light up the night. Add some diamonds in the moon light by using votive candles as a centerpiece over your tables or hang them on the walls to spread magic under the candles.

How long does a votive candle burn?

burn votive candles

For making your evening enchanting you’ve surely got to believe the magic of votive candles and let the good times roll with the flicker of candlelight. Give a royal touch to your wedding day by arranging an unforgettable unity candle ceremony with just the perfect votive candles.

Be it your bedroom or living room, votive candles are the answer to ultimate coziness and calmness as they make you feel highly relaxed just by simply sitting in one corner of your room. Whether you’re celebrating your fifth or fiftieth birthday, your celebrations will remain incomplete without number candles over the cake as well as votive candles in the surroundings.

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Complete the festive look and give your celebrations a real identity by incorporating stunning votive candles. Scented votive candles, specifically the floral ones, remind you of spring days and make your interiors feel like a lovely garden. For a feel of summertime indoors, you can have those with a fruity scent to evoke energizing and refreshing vibes all over your space.

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Before you give your home a dose of versatility with votive candles, you should know how to calculate the burn time for your luminaries so that the flame keeps on burning till your celebrations end and you buy long-lasting and high quality candles. If you are wondering, “How long do votive candles burn?” “How long do tealight candles burn?” keep reading for the easiest guidelines about how to know the burn time of your votive candles as it would help you choose the right candle for the right occasion.

Candle Burning Time Chart

Votive Candles Pillar Candles
Burn Time 7-10 Hours 20-30 Hours

Votive candles usually burn for only a couple of hours and that is why they are known to be ideal for evening parties or casual dinners. As it is said, the longer the candle burns the better the quality.

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Generally, votive candles that are small in size burn for almost 7 to 10 hours while larger ones burn for 5 to 7 hours for each ounce. However, for specific products and brands, we recommend you to prefer going through a proper calculation method to get to know the burn time for your votive candle. Follow these simple steps below for any size and style and easily calculate the burn time for your votive candles.

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Mathematics and Measurements!

Start by measuring the weight of your unburnt votive candle. You can measure it in whatever unit you wish to go for, be it ounces or grams. Just make sure you’re using the right scale. Mark this as your initial weight and don’t forget to record everything over a time sheet or any extra paper so that you can easily keep track of your measurements till the end of the process.

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Candle Calculations!

Next is the most important step out of all of these. You need to burn your votive candle for approximately 2 till 4 hours. After you’ve let it burn for a couple of hours, blow out your votive candle and allow it to cool completely. This calculation is known as the time for burn test. You may feel the need to repeat it twice or thrice and conduct several burn tests until the candle blows out itself. Make sure you record the total number of hours as well as the number of burn tests.

…the longer the candle burns the better the quality.

For best results, use two candles simultaneously with the same kind of candle wax. After your votive candle has completely cooled down, weigh it again just like you weighed it initially and record your final weight on the same timesheet.

Long Lasting Tealight Candles

Now it’s time to indulge yourself in some mathematics. Start of by subtracting the final weight of the candle from the initial weight. After this divide the total amount of wax used in the candle from the amount of wax used in your burn test to finally get your burn hours. Surely by now you also agree to the fact that burning votive candles is an experience which is all about bringing joy and magic to your home.

Choosing the Right Candle Wax!

While buying a votive candle for yourself or your loved ones, one of the first choice you would want to make would be about the type of candle wax you’re selecting because it makes a huge difference when it comes to the burn time of your candles. Even if all votive candles look nearly identical, not all of them are made from the same type of wax. The three popular types of candle wax used to make votive candles are:

  • soy wax
  • beeswax
  • paraffin wax

Soy wax, made from soy bean oil, comes in a variety of blends.


According to many experts, soy wax consumes 50% more time to burn than paraffin wax and burns slowly. Paraffin wax is known to be one of the most versatile candle wax and is commonly used by candle makers while beeswax is probably the oldest and best quality candle wax used in candle making.

Produced by bees, this candle wax burns the longest and this is mainly why it is regarded as a high quality candle wax by candle experts. While going for candle shopping next time, you can easily choose whatever type of candle wax you prefer by referring to the information above and chose the perfect votive candle.

Let the Candle Glow!

While we’re talking about the burn time of candles, we definitely can’t miss out on discussing some of the most important factors that affect the burn time of your candles and of course a few tips to help you improve the burn timing of your votive candles. The size of your candle and length of your wick are just some of those variables that strongly influence the time duration for which your votive candle burns.

Long Lasting Votive Candles

Other than the type of wick material and candle wax, many people suggest that location and atmosphere are also significant factors that contribute to the variation of the burn time of votive candles so make sure your consider them as well when calculating the burning time for your candles.

Tips for Burning Votive Candles

burning time candlesYou may know that if your candle wick is long it may burn faster and votive candle best burns when the wick is no longer than 1/4″. Also, to improve and slow down your burn time a pro tip is to pop your votive candle in the freezer for a couple of hours before you start calculating the burn time.

The next time you decide to calculate the burn time for your votive candles, don’t forget to keep all of these elements and tips in your mind so that you can do it in the best possible way.


Votive candles have been a popular choice since many years and with these new and easy methods you can record the burn time of your votive candles simply at your home without any hassle or mishaps.

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