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kirklands candle holders

Kirkland’s Inc. is one of the oldest American home decor brands established in the year 1966, offers some mind blowing variants of votive candle holders that can make your house look dazzling during the festive season and on all other normal days as well.

Kirkland’s Candle Holders

kirkland's candle holders

Votive candle holders add charm to festive decorations that elegantly impact your interior aesthetics as well. Ever since votive candleholders came into existence, they have always symbolized people’s spiritual beliefs and sentiments.

Clear glass votive candle holders were used to hold candles during prayers and offerings. But as years went by these votive candle holders evolved into many glorious variants such as wood, vintage, and crystal votive candle holders and many more.

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When it comes to accentuating home décor and interior aesthetics, votive candleholders have become one of the most popular decor items. Without any further ado, let’s explore some stunning décor ideas about how to adorn your house and interior space with votive holders for festivities and events.

Clear Blue Glass Votive

kirkland's candle holders

Glass votive candle holders are the most prominent form of votive candle holders that people around the world prefer to use for holiday decorations or prayers.

Being simple and classy, a glass votive candle holder such as the Clear Blue Glass Votive can be a great inclusion to your festival decorations or home décor lineup. These blue votive candle holders look chic and dazzling as blue color can gel well with any color scheme. The alluring blue shimmering glass votive candle holder with a bright burning candle can make your guests go wow with its irresistible reflection!

Joy Wreath Votive Candle Holder

kirklands wall candle holders

Spreading joy and happiness with loved ones around define the true essence of a holiday season. And the Joy Wreath Votive Candle Holder proves to be a perfect symbolization of this fact.

Clear glass votive candle holders with alphabetical depictions can create a wondrous décor statement when placed on the showcase and teapoy. And this clear glass votive candleholder with an artificial wreath in the middle will uplift your holiday decor by many notches with its whimsical appeal.

Metal Floating Halo Votive Candle Holder

metal floating halo votive candle holder

Metal votive candle holders have found a loyal fan base across the globe over recent years just like glass votive candle holders. And the Metal Floating Halo Votive Candle Holder proves to be a décor stunner. The metallic sheen and the glimmering cylindrical glass structure atop the votive candle holding plate with bright votive candles will be an irresistible sight as part of your festive decorations.

These metal votive candle holders with a simplistic yet modish design can be a great addition to everyday home décor as well, beautifying your interior space with their sheer presence and elegance.

Black Metal Base Votive Candle Holder

Black Metal Base Votive Candle Holder

Be it on the showcases, teapoys or even on top of the tables, this Black Metal Base Votive Candle-Holder will be a fascinating addition that will uplift the vibes of your interior space without a speck of doubt.

This glass votive candle holder with the dusky black metal base will look gorgeous when a colored votive candle burns within. The contrasting nature of the white textured glass and the black metal stand makes this votive candleholder a beautiful décor masterpiece.

Silver Base Glass Votive Candle Holder Set

Silver Base Glass Votive Candle Holder Set

Glistening glass votive candle holders with an astounding silver metallic finish make the Silver Base Glass Votive Candle Holder Set an impeccable decor piece to add flair and finesse.

The set includes a small, medium, and large sized votive candle holder which can easily embellish your tables, teapoys and showcases. Place some bright colored votive candles within these stunning votive candle holders and enjoy the widespread accolades you will receive from your guests later.

Gold Metal Birds Nest Votive Holders

Gold Metal Birds Nest Votive Holders

As said earlier, votive candle holders have evolved so much that they have found a place in casual home decor as well. And the Gold Metal Birds Nest Votive Holders corroborate that fact.

This set of two iron votive candle holders featuring a gold metal finish looks stunning on a mantelshelf or dining table. Use these unique votive candle holders to accentuate your home decor not just during festive seasons but during your events, celebrations and other normal days as well.

Brass Metal Votive Holder Wall Mirrors Set

Brass Metal Votive Holder Wall Mirrors Set kirklands

Another set of votive candleholders that portrays a chic appeal is the Brass Metal Votive Holder Wall Mirrors Set. The contemporary demeanor of this metal votive candle holder set with wall mirrors can adorn your house walls with their metallic sheen and the glossy glass background.

Three distinctive styles yet a slight resemblance in their appearance make this set of metal candle holders a great treat to the eyes as part of your living room or dining room wall décor.

Kirkland’s Candles

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They are more versatile than ever, with new designs in a variety of materials, and they are perfect for your bedside, desk, or countertop.

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Votive candle holders that were once used to uplift the ambiance during spiritual and festive occasions, today prove to bring in a great deal of décor beauty to your interior space and designs.

Be it any normal day or a stunning wedding celebration; add some stunning glass and crystal votive candle holders to your decor elevating the event design with their mesmerizing beauty.

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