Stylishly Sweet Culinary Ways to Use Votive Candle Holders!

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With so much of inventions and innovation in the fashion industry, people have started giving their space some unique and distinctive decor to bring exclusivity in their life. Gone are the days when votive candle holders were used just for decorating and brightening up the space.

These stunning fancy votive candle holders can also be used in plenty of other creative ways to bring more charm into your otherwise dull and drab decor.

To Set Delectably Unique Tabletop

centerpiece glass votive holder set

If you love fancy votive candle holders and want to keep them as a part of your everyday life, then think about some unique ways to have these decorative votive candle holders adorning your space, rather than just beautifying your rooms.

Give a quirky twist to your food presentations by incorporating some culinary ways to use votive candle holders on your tabletop and impress everyone with this exclusive presentation of yours.

To Flaunt Sweet Delicacies


Use the glass votive candle holder and create a mini dessert bar by presenting your sweet delicacies in them. There are many stores who sell mini dessert holders, but due to the packing and marketing, they can be a bit expensive.

Using votive glass candle holders as mini dessert holders will let your guests have a little nibble of a few different sweets rather than a big slice of one.

Can be used For Individual Serving

individual serving

These trendy votive candle holders hold the power of leaving an impactful statement into the decor, so prep up some tempting appetizers and use metal votive candle holders to stylishly serve your meals.

You can place the glass of these votive candle holders as mini serving cups for your guests, so they fill their favorite portion of the meal. Sometimes it is fun to take your cocktail and hors d´oeuvres and wander the party, so let this unique culinary idea of using votive candle holder as an individual serving be the talk of the party.

As Mini Shooters

mini shooters votives

Create a mini bar station at your party and elevate its visual appeal by using modern votive candle holders as your mini shooters. Stylishly place metal votive candle holders or wooden votive candle holders with glass holders and serve different beers in them and let everyone choose the one they like.

You don’t want to hover around the bar station for drinks, right? But you certainly want to enjoy it, so line around 6 to 7 glass votive candle holders on the countertop and bring a unique twist into your drink’s presentation.

To Store Seasonal Jams

jams votives

For those who like picking their own berries each year and make jams, using glass votive candle holder as containers can be an interesting idea, as they can contain several ounces of jam in them. Make small batches of your favorite jam and delightfully serve yourself every time you feel like having it. You can also offer it to your neighbors or friends to get the taste of your homemade fruit or berry jam.


Whether you are an ambitious cook, a chef, or simply someone who loves food and wants the presentation to be unique, using decorative votive candle holders can be one of those unique ways that will mark you as the perfect party planner. So, incorporate these culinary ideas of using votive candle holders in your parties and boost the impact of your event up a notch.

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