Glass Votive Candle Holders

best glass votive candle holders

Add a sleek and modern look to your home decor with elegant Glass Votive Candle Holders to provide light and ambiance. Using glass candle holders is a chic way to create a relaxing mood during your spa day or at your wedding or bridal shower, and they are perfect for both inside and outside use.

Simple and elegant, it will go with every decor style from traditional decorations to modern and contemporary!

Glass Votive Candle Holders

Glass Votive Candle Holders

Made with thick, manufactured glass for added durability, you can flaunt their simple and plain beauty when you light a tea light or small votive candle inside.

The classic heat resistant glass votive candleholder is redesigned in this simple, modern and elegant votive holder available in four different finishes.

Glass Shapes

clear glass votive candle holders

Transparency is the buzzword in every sphere of life these days, from politics and work, to sports and arts. Designers across the world are leaning towards clarity and neutrality in the selection of décor accents and aesthetic elements. And what better choice than glass to create a sparkling style statement!

round glass votive candle holders


Be a hit at your next event with round votive candle holders!

red glass votive candle holders


They add a beautiful glow to any room.

pillar votive


Whether you prefer to bring a personal style to your home, or have always been drawn to the beauty of candles, these pillar votive candle holders are the perfect gift.

wire glass hanging votive holders


Hang votive candles from the ceiling of your home, shop or restaurant.

rustic glass votives


Add a touch of rustic elegance to your table setting.

wall sconces


Wall votives are a beautiful addition to your home décor and are easy to install. They come in a variety of colors and finishes like bronze or copper.



Add an elegant and stylish decorative accent to your living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom.

round paulownia wood tray with glass votive holders set of 8


Bring a striking visual interest to your tables with a stunning, mismatched set of votive candle holders accentuating the aesthetics tenfold.

Add a touch of art to any event decor. Glass votive candle holders are great as decor pieces in your home too.

Glass Styles

multi colored votives

Glass Votive Candle Holders when combined with other glittering metals like gold, copper, and brass, create unique decorative accents that are unmatched in beauty. It is time to transform the look of your space with these votive candle holders that provide a modish look at affordable prices.

If you’re interested in getting yourself some cool glass candle holders, here are some suggestions for finding the right ones.

clear glass votive candle holders

Clear Glass

Clear glass votive candle holders with metal stands are selling like hotcakes as they are easy to clean and maintain. The round candle holders provide a special glow that is suitable for any special occasion.

Amber Votive Holder Set

Amber Glass

The amber glass votive candle holder is one type which is subtle and simple and then there are the other ones which depict mastery of design making with innate class and finesse. This applies to both the metallic type candle holders and the glass made ones as well.

metallic tray

Glass & Metal

While the glass made votive candle holders portray modern era’s magnificence, the metallic candle holders showcase the ancient extravagance.

candle chandelier votive metal tealight gazebo outdoor light glass candle holder

Glass Chandeliers

They are very attractive and increase the aesthetic appeal of any space. Accent any ceiling or wall with hanging glass chandeliers. They make an excellent festive décor and can be displayed with pride at any reception or party.

crackled glass

Romantic Crackle Glass

To impart a romantic touch to your decoration, you can choose votive candle holders made out of crackle glass. Romantic Crackle Glass Votive Holders are ideal for weddings, candlelight dinners, ring ceremonies, and other occasions where love is in the air.

romantic fishbowl candle holder

Glass Tealight

Glass Tealight Votive candle holders are suitable for wax tea light candles and flameless LED tea lights. You can use these to accent your terrace, dining room, bedroom, and living room decor.

blue wax filled glass votives

Wax Filled Glass Votive

Light up your home beautifully with wax-filled glass votives. They are a great way to enhance tabletops, centerpieces, dining space, kitchen space, and balconies.

sophisticated crystal votive cancle holder

Crystal Glass

If you are keen to provide an extravagant look to your home or office, crystal glass votive candleholders should be on the top of your list. You can easily make a grandiose statement with these holders as their opulence is enhanced by the play of light and the use of reflective materials.

tall glass votives

Tall Glass Candle Holders

These candle holders belong to the family of evergreen pillar candles that have been used on big occasions for a long time. Decorate your shelves and tables with tall slender glass votive candle holders. The sleek design and curvy finish of these holders draw the attention of onlookers quite effectively.

mercury glass votive candle holders

Mercury Glass

These mercury glass votive candle holders are the perfect accent to your event décor. They will illuminate the event perfectly.

colored glass


Perfect for home decor and gift giving, multi-colored glass votive candle holders are an elegant option for any occasion.

frosted glass

Frosted Glass

They are ideal for tabletop decor at weddings and parties. Frosted glass votive candle holders are the perfect accent for weddings, birthdays, and other festive occasions. Learn how to frost votive candle holders and also the basic techniques to create gorgeous votives with your favorite colors and textures.

long stem glass holder


These sleek and slender stemmed votive candle holders are just what you need to add height and glorious dimension to your event tables or fireplace mantel shelf. Pair them with flickering candles to exude a mesmeric radiance all around.

vintage glass peg votive candle

Glass Peg Votive Cup

Gorgeous glass votive holders with pegs that can be used in candle holders and candelabra.

Glass Sizes

different votive sizes

Votive candle holders with scented cande insets complement all types of event decorations such as weddings, parties, churches, and other special events or occasions.

Some of the most common sizes are:

  • Small
  • Tall
  • Large
  • 2 inch
  • 3 inch

They enable you to create stylish interior lighting arrangements with complementary scents. In the votive category, stores offer glass holders of many sizes with a wide variety of designs.


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Event Decoration Ideas

amazon candle holders

Explore votive candle holder decorations for all occasions! There are so many creative ways to make your event design more beautiful with decorative votive candles.

Our creative votive decoration ideas will give you the freedom to switch your décor from Halloween to Easter without having to buy new votives.

votive glass candle holders


These votive candle holders are perfect for the holiday season. Decorative votive holders are the perfect centerpiece for your holiday dinner or party decor. Add some decorative touches without making an overpowering statement.

decorate votive candle holders for weddings


These glass votive candle holders are perfect for setting the mood during weddings or other special events. Their glass construction won’t make a mess of dripping wax. Available in dozens of designs and colors, votives not only add an elegant element to your decor but they can also serve as keepsake favors for your guests.

glass votive holders

For Church

They add an atmospheric touch to the religious space. Creates a warm, welcoming environment and helps guide people on their holy journey.

glass votive candle holder


Decorate your Halloween party with votive candle holders and add a little magic to your celebrations. Available in fun shapes, these votives are great for creating a warm and festive ambiance at your Halloween party or haunted house. They can be placed as centerpieces or near the entrance to add some extra light. They are a must-have for your Halloween decorations or everyday use.

metal holder


Add an elegant glow to your outdoor environment with glass votive candleholders and enjoy the warm flicker of candlelight any time of the year.

All the flair of candles without any dangling wicks or floating wax! With these holders shielding the candles from wind and rain, these candle votives make great outdoor decor accessories.

Read more about event decor ideas here: Ingenious Ways to Decorate with Votive Candle Holders

How to Clean

Do you need a holder for votive candles?

Cleaning votive candle holders is not an easy task. You need to be very careful while doing this work as many people fail to properly clean these votive holders.

Learn how to clean votive candle holders today!

DIY Candles

How do you keep votive candles from sticking to glass?

Are you tired of the same old candle holders? Bored with the way your votives look? You might enjoy this new section. These DIY votives make everything from a gift to a nightlight fresh and exciting.

Learn how to frost & how to paint votive candle holders.

Where to Buy

What are glass votives used for?

Votive Candle Holders fashioned out of glass are popular as they are ideal for commercial and domestic purposes. No matter what style you have tried in the past, you might be surprised that glass votive candle holders are now considered trendy. With advances in glass technology, a variety of cheap votive candle holders are available today.


There are several webstores that offer an impressive range of decorative votive holders to meet all your votive holder needs. Here are some of the top-rated sellers and marketplaces where you can find premium quality holders at affordable prices.


Find the perfect piece to match your style!


Discover the best products for your home, at the lowest prices, and with the least amount of effort.


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All the votive candle holders and accessories you need in every style to fit any occasion.


Discover the best selling products for every style and price point.

Dollar tree

You’ll find your favorite style at an affordable price.

Hobby lobby

They bring you a wide variety of styles at discount prices.


Shop around to find a complete selection of products in a wide range of styles and colors.


Buying from this site is easy and fun! 


A wide selection of decorative and functional candle holders for your home.

Yankee Candle

Select quality candles at reasonable price.


A vast selection of home goods, including candles and holders, to satisfy your every decorating need.


Best Candle Holders for an Epic Candle Decoration.


What are glass candle holders called?

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How to keep votive candles from sticking to the glass?

Let's put a little water in the bottom.

How to get candle wax out of glass votive holders?

You can either pour hot water in the glass votive holder to soften the wax and then scoop it out with a butter knife or you can pop the votive holder in the freezer for 24 hours and scrape off the hardened wax.

What can they be used for?

Other than holding votive candles, glass votive candle holders can be used as floral vases, pen or stationery holders, paper weights, or they can also be filled with little snacks, nuts, and other small treats.


Glass votive holders provide the benefit of simplicity and do not block the flow of light as is the case with opaque decorative items. We can say that see-through is the latest trend and it is going to stay here for a while.

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