Best 5 Votive Candle Holders on Target

target candle holders

Light up your decor with trendy votive candle holders from Target!

With more than 1800 stores in all 50 U.S states and the District of Columbia, Target Corporation is one of the largest retailers in the country.

In addition to physical stores, Target has also had a lot of success in the e-commerce world. Amid the entire buzz around omnichannel retail, the company has distinguished itself in the industry by offering upscale chic products at affordable prices.

Target Candle Holders

target votive candle holder

Target operates mainly in five product categories including electronics, beauty & household essentials, apparel & accessories, food & beverage, and home furnishings & decor. Such a wide assortment of products, unmatched prices, and fashion-forward designs are what bring shoppers back to the store time and again.

Thus if you’re on the lookout for trendy and stylish votive candle holders at discounted prices, target is your best bet!

Candles Holders on Sale

Here we have listed a few elegant votive candle holders from Target’s webstore that’ll add an enticing charm to your event or interior design without breaking the bank!

Northlight Metallic Silver and Gold Votive Candle Holders

Northlight Metallic Silver Gold Votive Candle Holders

Boasting a gorgeous floral pattern, the trio of metallic silver and gold votive candle holders is arranged in an oval-shaped silver metallic tray that adds a chic and refined flair to the alluring candle holder centerpiece. This unique votive candle holder set with flickering votive candles creates a mesmeric display of dancing silhouettes that’ll impart a whimsical flair to your space.

But what’s truly great about this piece is that you can use it in many different ways. You can separate the votive candle holders from the base tray to stylishly accent your coffee table, showcase, or console and use the tray to organize your kitchen spices or you can replace one votive holder with a lovely glass floral vase for a chic decor, the choice is yours!

Sullivans Seven Votive Tray Candle Holder

Sullivans Votive Tray

Featuring various shades of green, the Sullivans Votive Tray Candle Holder carries seven different glass votive candle holders on a sleek rectangle wooden tray giving it an eccentric appeal.

The artful mix of varying shapes, sizes, color tones, and designs make this candle holder a trendy decor piece that is also great value for the money! Perfect for modernistic and eclectic interior designs, this chic tray candle holder will bring a classy and timeless style to your decor.

Urupa 5-Votive Candle Holder

Urupa 5

Sleek and compact, the Urupa votive candle holder is a signature accent piece that can be used to spruce up any and all corners of your home.

The elegant and modish cubical construction with enough space for five cylinder votive candle holders, this candle holder will complement both rustic and contemporary style decorations. Use it as the main centerpiece for your dinner table or juxtapose it with other geometric accents elevating your fireplace mantelshelf to a whole new level of elegance and panache.

Northlight Decorative Stemmed Votive Candle Holder

Northlight Decorative Stemmed candle holder

Standing tall at 12.75″, the stemmed votive candle holder features a sleek dark brown metal stem and a shimmering golden luster glass goblet that helps soften the gleaming points of candlelight oozing a subtle, elegant glow into the space.

Whether you want to add dimension to your tablescape or you’re looking for a striking decor piece to add a stunning visual interest to your showcase or shelf, this decorative votive candle holder is just what you need to bring in an elegant allure to your decor.

Gallerie II Natural Beaded Votive Holder

Gallerie II Natural Beaded Votive candle Holder

Adorned with hundreds of natural wooden beads and seashells, the Gallerie II natural beaded votive candle holder is handmade with perfection giving it a distinctive appeal.

Ideal for woodland, boho-chic, and beach themed decorations, this handcrafted votive candle holder will infuse a charming rustic flair into your event or interior design.

Target Candles

amazon votives
But wait! Don’t forget to buy candles and votives (e.g. voluspa, citronella, hanukkah, luminara, advent, mosquito and also yankee candles).

They are more versatile than ever, with new designs in a variety of materials, and they are perfect for your bedside, desk, or countertop.

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Decorating your tables, shelves, console, and showcase with votive candle holders is an easy yet stylish way to enhance your design.

Choose any of these decorative votive candle holders from target to elevate your candle decoration without dropping a lot of change. Which of these candle holders are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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