Glam Up your Outdoors with Votive Candle Holders

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Jazz up the ambiance of an event, and use votive candle holders to style your tables in a refined and elegant manner by elevating its look and upgrade the vibe of the outdoor event manifesting the host’s taste.

Votive Candle holders are an excellent décor item to enjoy ambient candlelight and uplift fragrance for wedding, parties, festivities; particularly in outdoors such as in the garden, patio, Halloween holiday party, or for Christmas decorations, these votive candle holders would complete the décor with sophistication and style.

To decorate your outdoor spaces in a rustic and contemporary style, plethora of votive candleholders are available to radiate your outdoor spaces when dusk hits. Some sparkling features of Outdoor Votive Candle Holders are described below:

Shimmering Source of Outdoor Lighting

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Though not noticeable during the day, outdoor lighting with votives and sconces accentuate the ambiance during nightfall. It highlights the architecture and casts a warm, romantic glow to intensify the heartfelt ambiance.

The mixture of soft lighting and an alluring fragrance produces a tranquil ambiance. Accentuate your space with crystal and jewelled votive candle holders adorned with floral foliage and elevate your plain and lacklustre dinner table into a romantic spread.

Create Dreamy Ambiance & Warm Vibes

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Votive Candle holders look dreamy and romantic, surrounded by a wreath of flowers or hanging from a tall floral centrepiece in the patio or garden. Votives are the perfect accessory to create a cosy atmosphere, and set a romantic mood for a date night, dinner or an anniversary. Imagine the bright, floral-scented candles, fresh flowers and sweet edible decorations all spread across the table which seem festive and refined, delightful and exciting.

outdoor votive candle holders chandeliers

Complementing the votive candle holders with edible decorations and beautiful flowers creates a noticeable, sentimental and beautiful table centrepiece for an outdoor wedding, garden parties, banquets, bridal showers or baby showers. The dreamy romantic display of votive candelabras gives your special anniversary dinner a whimsical glow and radiant vibe.

Make Classy Candle Centrepieces

lantern centerpiece outdoor

Potted succulents, plants and flowers can be placed right into the lantern to make a cute and vibrant centrepiece. You may fill the lantern candle holders with votives, bright fruits like lemons, peaches, limes and oranges, they may be fake or real ones; and make cool and breezy summer centrepieces.

To create an intimate table décor for two, a delightful idea will be to adorn the crystal and glass votive candle holders with a flower wreath, eucalyptus leaves or lavender stems for a simple, look-good and smell-good natural centrepiece. For a sleek, chic and contemporary vibe, geometric votive candle holders are used to exhibit minimalistic elusive elegance.

Perfect for Festive Occasions & Celebrations

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Set the mood for your dreamy event with votive candle holders and candelabras for added drama and whimsical display. If you want to integrate glitz and glam into your décor for a jovial celebration, use crystal beaded metal candle holders to tickle your fancy.

swimming pool candle decor

Transform the simplest reception table into an imperial one with the touch of luxe shimmery votive candle holders for a tantalizing outdoor space. Enhance the elegance of your festive events by placing the unique and sleek candle holders on the tables and floor, or hang from tree branches, arches, poles, and ceilings to upscale the ambiance. These versatile votive candle holders are a perfect addition to any modern décor palette as well as an eye-catching accent to any event’s candle display.


Be a responsible citizen and play your role in helping to flatten the Covid-19 curve by staying safe indoors and practicing social distancing, get connected with your loved ones in open spaces and brighten up the dull tables with alluring and exquisite votive candle holders to add the final touch of festive radiance to your memorable times.

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