ᑕ❶ᑐ Tips to Choose Wooden Votive Candle Holders

wooden candle holder ideas

The urge to enjoy the outdoors is always there, even though sometimes we are not able to do so due to bad weather like chilly winter or heavy rains. In such a scenario, it is a super idea to bring home a little bit of outdoors when it is difficult to step outside.

Having wooden votive candle holders in your home or office is a great way to let in the freshness of nature.

Exude Rustic Elegance

There are as many types of wooden candle holders as there are types of wood. There are bamboo wood, pinewood, oak wood, deodar, and driftwood candle holders.

wooden candle holders set

Wood is the best material for making candle holders as no other material offers such a wide choice when it comes to designing candle holders. Right from big logs to small sticks and twigs, everything comes into use.

…a great way to let in the freshness of nature.

But people have a difficult time deciding when faced with so many options. To make your job easier, we have listed some of the best wooden votive candle holders available in the market today. You can take inspiration from the list to plan the makeover of your home or office.

Colorful Wooden Candle Holders

Wooden Votive Candle Holders come in a variety of colors. Before you pick your favorite color, it is important to bear in mind that wooden candleholders may have a natural or artificial color. You can choose natural pale shades provided by pine and beach woods or may choose dark shades provided by Oakwood.

colorful wooden

Alternatively, you can choose from a variety of painted and dyed candle holders. The dark oak is extensively used for preparing large pillar candles.

Wooden Candelabra

Wooden candelabra made from painted wood and decorative carving is the most popular. Various color combinations are used to make attractive wooden candelabras.

antler multi votive centerpiece

If you have a liking for bright colors, choose wooden votive candelabra. It is designed to hold several candles simultaneously.

Glass and Twigs Candle Holders

Votive candles in the plain glass covered with small twigs are highly popular. A twig candle holder is a super DIY project as you have to just glue the twigs of your choice around the plain glass.

rustic twig candle holders

Centerpiece Wooden Candle Holders

Centerpiece wooden votive candle holders are placed on tabletops to enhance the look and feel of any tablescape.

loredana small wood tealight holders

If placed in a dining space, these candle holders provide a complete dining experience.

Ornate Designs & Shapes

Handcrafted wooden votive candle holders are available in a variety of designs and shapes to cater to the tastes of different people.

retreat natural wood candle

There are wooden votive candle holders that can be mounted on walls, heart-shaped tea light candle holders, bell-shaped candle holders, basket shaped candle holders, and more.

Wooden Designs

hexagonal wooden votive candle holder
3d wooden design
ornate design centerpiece
handmade wooden glass candlestick centerpiece
wooden cube
handmade vintage wood
wooden design

loredana small wood tealight holders


Wooden Votive Candle Holder is a great way to illuminate interiors and bring rustic warmth to any room. Wooden votive candleholders are not new to decoration as we have been using wooden candle holders from ancient times.

Superb designs are available as the craft has been practiced over years for perfection. Add a dash of glitz and glam to your space with rustic wooden votive candle holders.

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