Exude Imperial Sheen with Metallic Votive Candle Holders

metallic candle holders

A metallic votive candle holder has a classic and timeless appearance and will upgrade the décor of any event or home by several notches. Metallic votive holders are a fanciful décor items that are used widely to decorate homes, wedding and parties.

Listed below are some of the ravishing décor purposes these versatile candle holders can serve.

Metallic Votive Candle Holders

metallic votive candle holders set of 2

The metallic votive candleholders are manufactured with some intense and intricate artwork involved. The delicate design work not just makes heads turn but they captivate the eye balls too. And they also make sure you don’t take them off too soon making their presence felt in such a way. The kind of engravings and the markings the metallic made votive candle holders bear on them surely takes anyone who sees them back in time through ages. These are mostly used in churches, prayer halls and chapels where during occasions they shimmer with grandeur and royalty.

metallic gold glass votive candle holders

If the metallic votive candle holders with markings and engravings ooze royalty and grandeur then the glass cut designs of the glass holders show flawless flamboyance. When the burning candles pass light through the cuts of crystal prism designs, they make us feel surrealism taking shape in front of our eyes. The modern day technology used to make these immaculate design works make us feel at times these décor items are grander than the occasions they are displayed at enthralling us beyond limits.

Glam up the Décor of Your Home or Party Space

Metallic candle holders instantly impart royal sheen and glitzy glam to your home or party space and exhibit imperialism. The metallic texture of these votive candle holders is an emblem of luminosity and an ideal décor accessory to brighten your home, party, or event’s ambiance.home decor metallic candle holders

Their stunning and stylish designs create most stunning candle presentations, floral arrangements, cake toppers, and table centrepieces. They give a royal charm and regal appeal to your bridal or baby shower, birthday party, prince or princess parties, gender reveal party, royal or king and queen themed parties, baptisms and christenings.

gold metallic votives

Use these metallic candle holders alone or in sets to create a quirky prop for tables, bars, patios, porches either indoors or outdoors. It also makes a fabulous décor item for home, office and party embellishment as well as can be given as a practical gift for weddings, birthdays, and house warming.

These lustrous candle holders in metallic sheen exude warm glow, festivity and jubilation all around the party spaces in accentuation with votives and LED candles, thus making them an apt adornment to dress up your tabletops, coffee tables, mantles and shelves.

Double as Regal Wedding Centerpieces

The metallic candle holders create a magical and majestic aura, and the versatile stemmed candle holders provide multitude of décor options, either use as standalone accent piece to ooze regal sheen or accentuate with candles, LEDs, flowers, garlands, greenery and plants.

metallic crown candle holder

These glitzy glamorous pieces act as a cute photo prop, table centrepiece, flower centrepiece, candle holder, a treasured keepsake, and a precious gift to friends, and family. The dashing shimmery candle holders will wonderstruck your guests in a refined manner, fill with flower heads and seasonal picks, greenery stems, and fresh or fake succulents to make modish centrepieces, or light up your votives for an exotic display of shine and sparkle.

metallic birdcage

Metallic birdcage candle holders add a vintage appeal to your wedding décor exuding rustic elegance; and exhibit grandeur and panache to make a striking statement.

Timelessly Versatile & Multipurpose

Offering endless decorating possibilities, these lustrous indoor & outdoor metallic candle holders let you decorate your space in any style with any accessory like pearls, greenery or succulents.

metallic lantern votive candle holder decorations

Either place our metallic votive candles inside to create a romantic display of shine and sparkle, or it may be filled with seasonal flowers and silk foliage for a truly striking display outdoors. Besides being a decorative accessory, metallic candleholders may also be used to keep stationery on the office tables; and make a perfect gift to your loved ones and is a practical keepsake.

Metallic designs

angled metal mini candleswhite gold candle smoked tonkametallic glass pillar holdermetallic candle holder 3d model


With the remarkable variety, styles, and designs of metallic candle holders, you may create striking candle decorations. Classical yet modern, our Nordic style votive candle holders will add a chic modern touch to your space and décor.

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