Sparkle up Your Home Décor with Votive Candle Holders

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Votive candle holders are unique and exciting home décor items that instantly transform plain and dull spaces into luminous realms. It is simply because they exhibit home’s aesthetic appeal alongside the purpose they serve.

Initially they were only used for spiritual purposes and hence they came out with simple makings. But then people started liking them because of their subtlety and upgraded their usage. Thus the votive candleholders too joined the ranks among other long lists of home décor items.

Classy Holders

Once people started using votive candle holders as home décor items, there was a great deal of transition that happened which made votive candle holders come out in various shapes, sizes and designs that showed great sense of artistic mastery. Votive candle holders come in alluring designs but the manufacturing material is mostly metal, glass or wood.

Let’s check out some classy holders that are highly preferred for home decoration.

All Time Favorite Amber Glass Votive Candle Holders

frosted glass votive holder amber c

The mostly used and seen votive candle holders are the simple and subtle looking amber glass votive holders in

If the glass votive holders impress the viewers with their subtlety, the metallic votive candle holders are extravagant and lavish in their sheen and luster which make the gazers go spellbound. These can be used in churches, prayer halls, altars and at homes too which take your décor beauty to a different league. These amber glass votive candle holders are symbolism of grandeur which are used in weddings as well.

Ceiling and Roof Décor with the Hanging Candle Holders

White Black and Red Iron Hanging

The hanging glass votive candle holders or jars are the most gorgeous and serene looking home décor items which make the homes look their beautiful best. These cute looking hanging gardens are tied to the ceiling with ropes and the candles are placed inside them.

At times these hanging votive candle holders accommodate even floating candles which is an irresistible desire to watch for many eyes. The way these hanging votive candle holders dance and cling against each other with the evening breeze with darkness filling in will make any soul go calm and enter a state of tranquility.

Rustic Theme Candle Holders for the Natural Wooden Beauty

centerpiece candle holder birchwood

Having said all about the beauty and elegance of glass and metallic votive candle holders, some people like to add a touch of natural beauty to their home interiors. And that is where the wooden votive candle holders excel and work like a charm.

Mostly made out of the strong Birchwood or the soft Driftwood these rustic candle holders are carved from wood with softened bottom layers on the inside while on the outside the tree bark lines flaunt the beauty of Mother Nature. And they come in various shapes as well which kept on tables or mounted onto the house walls leave elegant signatures of style behind.

Handmade Signatures and Touches

diy can votive

These votive candle holders are such beautiful objects that some people are so keen in making them extra special by adding DIY crafts and artistic touches. For the creative minds and artistic souls out there, it’s great fun to turn any leftover products to votive candle holders like small cans, used jars made of glass or tin, leftover fruit peels and it’s such a satisfying feeling to add a personalized touch to them. And not just votive candles even tea light candles are housed in them during the evening times making your home décor look top notch attracting many eyes in awe!

Getting started on your first DIY project!

There is no denying the fact, that votive candle holders make a posh and practical addition to your home decoration. Easy to use and decorate, while being light on your pocket, decorative votive candle holders are every one’s top choice for home accenting.

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