Nordic Votive Candle Holders: The Grace of Nordic Design

nordic votive candle holders

The Scandinavian designs of votive candle holders do not just belong to one country but the entire Nordic region including Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, and Aland islands that enjoy the same culture. This is what makes the se votive candle holders even more interesting and appealing.

Modern & Contemporary

clear cube glass 1

So it simply means that Nordic designs can come from Sweden as well but not all Swedish designs can be called Nordic designs. Just like their definition, even their designs look so interesting and arresting with their looks.

Nordic votive candle holders are mostly made as clear glass votive candle holders with lots of multi-colored glasses added to their bodies. The glittery accent is another design which makes these glass votive candle holders look stunning and alluring.

These votive candle holders exude striking magical gleams with the addition of burning candles within. The other Nordic design which has wide acclaim across the world is the metallic structured votive candle holders.

3D & Metallic Designs

nordic style gold geometric candle metal

The geometric votive candle holders made of metal have won critical acclaim around the world and so have the Nordic three dimensional votive candle holders whose metallic structures provide a three dimensional view for the onlookers.

Despite being known for prayers and offerings, these Nordic metallic votive candle holders and Nordic glass votive candle holders have made their presence felt in many houses in various countries purely because of their alluring charm and spellbinding appeal making them more connected with home décor than spirituality.

Decor Ideas

Let’s check out 10 stunning designs:

delight votive candle holder

nordic vintage crystal candle holder

metallic nordic

nordic crystal pillar candle stand

nordic wall

modern pair candles

danish iron holder

amber nordic

candle holder nordic home

nordic pattern candle holder

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