Crystal Glass Votive Candle Holders: The Swedish Extravagance

swedish votive candle holders

Hailed for its cultural richness and natural beauty, Sweden a Scandinavian country alongside Norway and Denmark produces one of the best lustrous and irresistible crystal glass votive candle holders.

Elegant Decorations

swedish crystal glass holder

Though Sweden shows equality for other types of votive candle holders too, its beauteous crystal cut glass votive candle holders with some mind blowing detailing and design work on their bodies have made a mark for themselves.

Be it the polished clear crystal glass votive candle holder or the ones with intricate cuts, carvings and engravings on them, they just look so scintillating. Adding even more beauty to their range of collections is the shapes they come in.

Swedish Design

Orrefors Votives

Some Swedish crystal glass votive candle holders come in the shape of volcanic mountains while some are produced as block shaped votive candle holders.

The innate classy appeal of the glass votive candle holder is highlighted by the breathtaking beauty of intricate designs, cuts and carvings. Hence these Swedish crystal glass votive candle holders are stunning objects that can be placed anywhere at your house elevating the aesthetics of your space.

Decor Ideas

Let’s check out 10 sophisticated designs:

glass tabletop votive candle holder

sphere crystal clear glass

crystal cut glass

swedish crystal centerpiece

kosta boda crystal glass snowball

crystal glass set

votive disc

vintage swedish votive


Let’s see where u can buy Swedish candle holders:Let’s see some awesome stone candle holder decoration ideas:

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