Metal Votive Candle Holders

best metal votive candle holders

If you are looking for affordable and quickest ways to remodel your cherished space, consider installing a set of metal votive candle holders that are high on both fashion and function. The emergence of shopping malls and the Internet has made it easy for shoppers to find items of their choice in one place.

Metal Votive Candle Holders

Though a greater variety of candle holders from a wide range of websites are now available, people are often left confused because of an abundance of choice.  We bring you a collection of unique metal votive candle holders that suits your style and budget.

Metal Votive Candle Holders

Candle holders are available in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes, and styles for various types of candles.

gold metal candle holders

One of the most commonly used candle holders includes votive candleholders as they enhance the sparkle of votive candles and add richness to the decor.

The decorative votive candle holders are made of different materials and you can choose from glass, wooden, or metal votive candle holders depending upon your decorating needs and style. In this article, we’ve listed some amazing designs of metallic votivecandleholders that’ll complement different decor styles!

Simple Metal Votive Candle Holders

metal tea light candle holdersIf you want to impart understated elegance to your home or event decor then opt for simple metal votive candle holders that’ll give a minimalistic and cozy appeal to the surroundings.

For this purpose, cylindrical metal votive candle holders are the most commonly used design as they are simple yet charming and create an effect of stars twinkling in the sky which generates an eye-catching allure.

However, to brighten up your space, opt for a metal rectangle wood tray with glass votive candle holders that’ll create the ambiance of a fireplace and will bring a pop of glamour and charm to any shelf or table in your home.

Modern Metal Votive Candle Holders

Add a contemporary touch to your decor with modern metal votive candle holders that’ll instantly brighten up your otherwise dull and boring decor. Augment the aesthetics of your coffee table by placing a black metal lantern votive candle holder set to ooze panache and flair.

wrought iron votive candle holder

Whereas to give your dinner tablescape a voguish appeal, set metal votive candleholders with sculpture designs to add a touch of irrefutable glamour to the table decor. Moreover, to exude a soft romantic glow on your wedding reception tables, place gold metal hexagon-shaped votive candle holders for an enchanting display.

Luxurious Metal Votive Candle Holders

Bring a dash of glitz and glam to your home interior or event design using luxurious metal candle holders.

metal votive candle holders centerpiece

Exude magnificence and grandeur at your upscale wedding ceremony by setting gold metal crystal beaded goblet votive candle holders or blush crystal beaded chandelier votive candle holders as exotic centerpieces on your event tables to impart a majestic allure to the event decor.

Metal Shapes

metal votives

Small pots

Be a hit at your next event!

star metal holder


Beautiful glow to any room.

pillar votive


Pillar votive candle holders are the perfect gift!


geometric holder


Modern & beautiful addition to your home décor.

candelabra metal


Spruce up your home’s décor.

metal set


Bring a striking visual interest to your tables with a stunning, mismatched set of metal votive candle holders accentuating the aesthetics tenfold.

Metal Styles

metallic crown candle holder

Metal wall votive candle holders, especially gold and iron wall sconces are extremely appealing and instantly increase the soothing atmosphere of your bedroom and living room. These glittering wall sconces come in a variety of designs to hold candles of all types: tea lights, pillars, votives, and candelabras. Gold and iron wall sconces are available in different shapes and sizes like tall vertical shapes and small round shapes to enable users to choose the holder of their choice.

rustic glass votives


Add a touch of rustic elegance to your table setting.

Antique metal votive candle holder set


Create a charming and romantic ambiance.

decorative metal


Add an elegant and stylish decorative accent to your living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom.

wall sconces


Metal Wall Sconces are a beautiful addition to your home décor and are easy to install.

centerpiece tealight holder


Accent any table with metal candle holders.

wire glass hanging votive holders


Hang votive candles from the ceiling of your home, shop or restaurant. Accent any ceiling or wall with hanging glass chandeliers.

Keep it Simple with Geometric Metal Tea Light Candle Holders

metallic nordic

Geometric metal tea light candle holders are popular as these candle holders suit almost any modern interior. These versatile candle holders create a charming and romantic ambiance and are suitable for big occasions like birthdays, showers, and anniversaries. Owing to their small size, they also make excellent giveaways for your near and dear ones.

Illuminate Your World with Stylish Multi-tiered Candle Stands

candelabra votive

Multi-tiered votive candle stands have come of age as these vertical candle stands can be placed anywhere to enhance the look of the surroundings. Wherever you choose to place these contemporary candelabras, they will illuminate your world with style. Place them on an empty shelf or kitchen counter and let the sparkling glow from them fill the entire space with warmth.

Bird Cage Style Hanging Candle Holders

metallic birdcage

A perfect addition to your home and events, a cage-style votive candle holder made of bronze instantly captures the attention of anyone with its appearance. Light your favorite pillar candles or votive candles inside the cage and let the magic begin. In no time, the whole atmosphere turns ethereal.

Traditional Lanterns for Antique Look

lantern centerpiece weddings

For those who love traditional stuff and want to impart a classical look to their space, lanterns made of gold, silver, and iron are perfect. Featuring a vintage-style base, these lanterns for votive candles are durable and can be easily transported from one place to another. These traditional lanterns have been tweaked a bit to make them suitable for modern spaces.

Metal Sizes

metallic holder

If the metallic votive candle holders with markings and engravings ooze royalty and grandeur then the glass cut designs of the glass holders show flawless flamboyance.

centerpiece metal candelabra

Some of the most common sizes are:

  • Small
  • Tall
  • Large
  • 2 inch
  • 3 inch

They enable you to create stylish interior lighting arrangements with complementary scents. In the votive category, stores offer metal holders of many sizes with a wide variety of designs.


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Event Decoration Ideas

Metal Branch Mercury Glass 7 Votive Holder

The soft flickering glow of candles imparts warmth and tranquillity to the surroundings, thus they are used for illumination and decorative purpose. Whether you want to add a touch of class and elegance to your festivity, imbue a romantic and cozy vibe into the ambiance, or simply illume your dull & dreary spaces, candles accessorized with candle holders will generate an enticingly charming appeal along with functionality.

Explore metal candle holder decorations for all occasions! There are so many creative ways to make your event design more beautiful with decorative candles.

Teaight Candle Holders Votives christmas


Decorative metal votive holders are the perfect centerpiece for your christmas dinner or party decor.

Crystal Metal Votive Candle Holder candelabra


These metal votive candle holders are perfect for setting the mood during weddings or other special events.

halloween metal


These metal candleholders are great for creating a warm and festive ambiance at your Halloween party or haunted house.

metal holder


Add an elegant glow to your outdoor environment with glass & metal votive candle holders and enjoy the warm flicker of candlelight any time of the year.

How to Clean

Cleaning metal candleholders is not an easy task. You need to be very careful while doing this work as many people fail to properly clean them.

Learn how to clean votive candle holders today!

Where to Buy

Metal Candlestick Wrought Iron

Let’s see the variety of cheap metal candle holders today.


There are several webstores that offer an impressive range of decorative votive holders to meet all your votive holder needs. Here are some of the top-rated sellers and marketplaces where you can find premium quality holders at affordable prices.

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • eFavormart
  • Wayfair
  • eHomemart
  • Walmart
  • Dollar tree
  • Hobby lobby
  • Michaels
  • Target
  • Orrefors
  • iKea
  • Etsy


illuminations store

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Metal votive candle holders grant modish allure to the space and are a practical addition to any decor. As radiant as they are, votive candle holders bestow luxury to votive candles casting a magical glow to create a mystical aura that’ll jazz up the ambiance in a spectacular way.

There is no doubt that candle holders, irrespective of their material, are one of the best homewares that can be stored up. They easily strike attention and brighten up any space. However, metal votive candle holders are better than other candle holders in terms of safety and longevity. You may take inspiration from the above-listed candle holders to upgrade the look of your home or party space.

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