How to Remove Candle Wax? Best 6 Cleaning Tricks

removing wax votive candle holders

Cleaning Wax From Votive Holders. Though using decorative votive candle holders for home accenting and artistic projects is fun and exciting, it becomes quite a challenge cleaning them after the candles have burned down. It is time consuming and quite a messy job as well.

How to Get Melted Candle Wax Out


But as long as you know the tricks and ideas to clean votive candle holders, it is going to be a child’s play. Let us see what those easy and useful tips are.

Say Freeze!

Get the votive candleholders with the melted wax remains and place them into the freezer. Let them stay there for half an hour or even more, so when slight pressure is applied with fingers onto the wax remains, it should fall off.

freezer candle holder

You can then clean the votive candle holders after they get into normal temperature in order to wipe off the stain lines.

Let them take a hot water bath!

Fill up the kitchen sink or any container with hot water. Hot water is a very good melting agent that acts on the melted wax remains when the votive candleholders are placed.

hot water votive holder

When you see the wax remains becoming soft enough due to reaction of the hot water, apply gentle pressure with your finger nails and the wax remains will come off easily.

hot water

Let’s Bake!

Ovens are good not just for baking and roasting purposes but also to remove the wax remains inside the candle holders. Yes, and this is how you do it. Firstly, preheat the oven with the lowest available setting. Next, use aluminum foil on a pan or tray which is oven compatible and place only the votive candle holders with melted wax remains upside down on the aluminum foiled sheets.

oven wax holder

Place inside the oven and monitor them periodically as the wax remains melt off onto the aluminum sheet. After that, use proper gloves to remove the setup out and once the votive holders are cooled off, clean them off with a tissue or cloth.

External agents

The use of external agents on the layer of the votive candle holders can be a big sigh of relief while cleaning them.

sand holder

Placing some sand on the bottom layers of the votive holders or applying some amount of oil or petroleum jelly makes sure that the melted wax remains do not stick to the candle holder’s surface and hence will save lots of time while cleaning them.

Keeping the wick short

short wick candles

While long burning wicks cause uneven amount of burning flame which in turn cause black stains on the side layers of the holders for votive candles, the best trick is to keep the wick short and hence the side layers do not get impacted with black stain marks.

LED Candles or Dripless Candles

The next ideal solution or methodology will be to use the LED Votive Candles which are a trend now a day. Since they are operated by batteries they are easy for handling and do not cause any cleaning hassles later on.

crackled glass

Dripless candles on the other hand are famous too as they give that originality but at the same time do not leave behind any stains making life easy.

Tips on Cleaning Candles

cleaning wax tip

Read our How to remove candle wax article.

How to Clean – Video Tutorial

Learn how to clean clandle wax off glass.


These are some of the tricks and ideas to save the votive candle holders from being stained with melted wax remains from the candles. Try these yourself and enjoy the timeless radiance of stylish votive candle holders.

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