Add a Luminous Glow to Your Space with Votive Candle Holders

votive candle holders types

Candle holders are like ornaments that make beautiful things look more attractive. They are a great way to add light and decorative detail to a particular area. A beautiful set of candle holders is all that you need to decorate your space and make it look festive.

There are different types of candle holders available that you can choose from to brighten up your home or office. But if you are looking for something special at an affordable price, look no beyond than votive candleholders. Votive candle holders are convenient to use and come in spectacular designs and styles. The holders are an easy way to update the look of any room.

Types of Candle Holders

mercury grass

As the name signifies, votive candle holders are designed to hold votive candles. A votive candle is a small candle, typically white or beeswax yellow, used in a religious ceremony or for decoration. Here are some of the types and ways you can use votive candleholders:

Plain Glass Votive Candle Holders

Plain glass votive candle holder unveils the glow of votive candles with full intensity. The glow mimics the glow of traditional flames, and hence the holders are highly sought after on religious occasions.

Plain Glass Votive Candle Holders

Metallic Votive Candle Holders

The diffused glow emanating from metallic votive candle holders is a sight to watch. Made from different metals like gold, silver, copper, brass, and iron, these votive candle holders are available in different hues and shapes.

metallic holder

Fancy Votive Candle Holders

Fancy candle holders feature elaborate and colorful designs. The modish fancy candle holders enhance the value of modern interior designs. It is a perfect choice for providing a finishing touch to your upmarket interiors.

fancy holders

Crystal Round Candle Holders

Nothing creates a more relaxed ambiance than a beautiful display of crystal round candle holders.

round glass

Glass Votive Candle Holder

The use of glass in any candle holder provides it a bright luminous touch. Glass votive candle holders bring a luxurious glow to any room in your house.

multi colored votives

Jewelled Beaded Indian Holders

You can use these candle holders to impart an exotic flair to your home or office space. These candleholders may come in the shape of a tree, leaves, flowers, or any other representation that catches the fertile imagination of artists that design them.

jewelled tea light holders

Holiday Votive Candle Holders

Add a touch of fun and unique look to your space with a pack of holiday votive candle holders. Inspired by festive themes such as Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, these candle holders add to the lively atmosphere.

Holiday Votive CandleHolders

Seasonal Votive Candle Holders

There are votive candle holders available on the themes of seasons. Choose these candle holders to create refreshing memories of bygone seasons, or choose these to match the current season. For instance, you can opt for snowball votive candle holders in winter and fall leaves candle holders in autumn.

snowball votive candleholders

Votive Candle Holders for Centerpieces

Turn any dull-looking tables into festive tables with decorative votive candle holders. The votive candle holders for centerpieces are available in different shapes, namely straight holders, circle holders, wave holders, etc.

tray glass votive candleholder

It is a partial list of votive candle holders. There are plenty of designs available in the market. Take your pick carefully based on your budget, favorite material, color, and theme.

How to Use Votive Candle Holders

While candle holders in general are treated as outright décor items with the tabletop candle holders, wall candle holders being widely acclaimed among others, there is a mild exception while the votive candle holders come into consideration.

How to Use Votive Candle Holders

Since votive candles are burnt during prayer sessions at prayer halls and houses, people treat them to be extra special as there is an underlying thread of spiritual connection.

Votive Candle Holders in Religious Ceremonies

The votive candle holders go hand in hand with prayers hence people either keep them simple and subtle or make them special and extravagant. People feel these votive candleholders they buy for an occasion symbolize a bond that unites their prayers at heart with the spirits and the spiritual one above.

religious votive candles

And so votive candle holders too like the other candle holders come in various shapes, sizes and very importantly with delicate, intrinsic and meticulous artistic handiwork.

Warm and Whimsical Amber Glass Votive Candle Holders

The very widely preferred and used votive candle holder is the one made with amber glass. The amber glass votive candle holders are plain glass holders small in size without any designs to them. They are crafted mostly in golden yellow colour resembling the original amber sap produced by the trees.

Amber Glass Votive Candle Holders

These are very much loved by people because of the golden glimmer they make when the candles burn within. But they also come in many other colours which people buy as per their liking.

Elegant Styles and Designs to Suit all Themes and Décor

Elegant Styles

The votive candles are made in different sizes and so the votive candleholders too come with variations so that they are suitable to hold any type of candle. Both the glass cut crystal candle holders and the metallic ones are crafted in different sizes so that they can hold the short votive or the long stem votive candles.

Gold Vintage Votive Candle Holders


So votive candle holders belonging to modern era are not just the beacon of spirituality but also are treasures of sparkling surrealism treating the gazers with their marvelous magnificence. For the praying souls these holders make them imbibe their soothing calmness while for the gazing eyes, they are a sight of lavishing beauty.

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