Ceramic Votive Candle Holders: The Chic Chinese Ceramics

porcelain ceramic votive candle holders

China being the land prominently known for its fine ornamental and fascinating ceramic ware makes some amazing votive candle holders too with this material.

The porcelain votive candle holders which come with chic and cute looking carvings and colorful designs look appealing to everyone because of their attractiveness. The glossy appeal they exude because of the porcelain formation and their pretty shapes make them another worthy candidate that can lift up your home décor by many notches.

Ceramic Candle Holders

belleek china catalina votive

Be it on the showcases or on top of the tables, these ceramic votive candle holders garner undivided attention towards them from guests and visitors.

Porcelain Ceramic White Paint Round Zen Tealight Holder

Whether you use porcelain votive candle holders with candles inside them or without, they display awe inspiring grandeur with their sheer presence, pleasing designs and adorable shapes which glam up the interiors of your houses.

Antique Porcelain

porcelain candle holder

Though the above discussed votive candle holder designs emerge from different parts of China, they have gained enormous reach and acclaim across most of the countries around the world.

This is purely because of the fact that they have that inherent capability of lifting up the ambience and vibe of home décor with their marvelous presence and magnificent appeal.

Decor Ideas

Let’s check out 8 elegant designs:

multi colored glass mosaic votives

china votives

leopard print deer votive candle holders

ceramic cancle holder

Home Decoration Glass Mosaic Candle Holders

ceramic votives

Mosaic Votive Candle holders

modern ceramic votive

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