Jewish Candle Holders: A Fusion of Art with Spirituality

jewish candle holders a fusion of art with spirituality

Candle holders play an important role in Jewish culture and have a deep-rooted history that dates back centuries. It’s common for Jewish families to light candles in their homes for various religious ceremonies and prayers. Beyond their religious significance, these candle holders have also become a popular decorative item that can add a unique and elegant look to any room during the holiday season or everyday life. With several types and designs available, it can be challenging to choose the right candle holders.

Jewish Candle Holders

In this article, we’ll explore the meaning and history behind Jewish candle holders, their significance in Jewish traditions, the various types of candle holders, and how to choose the perfect one for your home.

jewish candlestick holder with candles

Candles in Judaism: The Origins of Lighting Candles

Jewish candle holders are an integral part of the Jewish tradition. For centuries, Jews have lit candles to symbolize various ceremonies and special occasions, from Hanukkah to Shabbat. In fact, lighting candles is one of the oldest traditions in Judaism, dating back to biblical times when oil lamps were used for religious rituals. Today, Jews still use candles to mark special occasions, as well as to remember those who have passed on and commemorate holidays such as Yom Kippur.

Types of Jewish Candle Holders

Jewish candle holders come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials.


The most common type is a menorah—a seven-branched candelabrum—which is traditionally used during the Hanukkah celebration.

jewish candlestick holder burning


Shabbat candlesticks usually two silver or brass sticks with round bases.

shabbat candles
Shabbat ritual objects


Havdalah sets used for ending Shabbat.

havdalah candle


Yahrzeit memorial lights, lighting a single candle on anniversaries or holidays in memory of a loved one.

yahrzeit candles

Decorative candle holders

And decorative pieces that are designed to bring beauty into homes all year long.

Judaica Candle Holder

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Lighting Candles

Lighting candles in Judaism is not just about bringing light into dark places; it’s also about bringing warmth into our hearts and souls. When we light a candle, we are reminded that even in darkness there is hope; even in sadness there can be joy; even when we are alone we can draw strength from God’s light within us. By lighting candles, we embrace the warmth of God’s love and share it with others around us—a reminder that no matter how difficult life may seem at times, hope will always guide us home.

The Menorah’s Ancient Roots

golden jewish candle holder menorah

Early versions of the menorah were first used as far back as 1400 BCE by the ancient Israelites. It served as a symbol of their faith and was often carried with them during times of exile and wandering. In fact, the Bible mentions that one of Aaron’s sons, Eleazar, was tasked with caring for the seven-branched menorah in a holy place known as “the Tent of Meeting” (Exodus 39:37). This seven-branched menorah design eventually became known as the “candelabrum” or “Temple Menorah” due to its use in various temples throughout ancient Judea.

The Modern Menorah

In modern times, this candelabrum has taken on new form to become what we know today as the Jewish candle holder or menorah. This nine-branched version was popularized by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai some 2,000 years ago who added two extra branches to signify additional religious holidays. Today, this candle holder is lit during Hanukkah each year with one branch being lit every night for eight nights to commemorate the rededication of Jerusalem’s holy Temple after it had been desecrated by an invading force.

Cultural Significance

But beyond its religious significance, this unique candle holder also serves an important cultural purpose for Jews around the world. For those living outside their homeland, it can help bring them closer to their heritage and traditions while providing comfort in times when they may feel most disconnected from their roots.

multiple pillar candle holders

Types of Candle Holders

When purchasing a menorah, there are many different styles and materials available. You can choose from aluminum, brass, silver or pewter designs in traditional or modern styles. Many also come in various sizes and shapes so you can find something that suits your taste.

How to Choose The Perfect Jewish Candle Holder

When choosing the perfect Jewish candle holder for your home or holiday decor, there are several factors to consider. First, decide which type of candle holder you need based on your purpose – Shabbat Candlesticks, Havdalah Candlesticks, Yahrzeit Candlesticks, or Hanukkah Menorah. Also take into account material and style considerations such as silver or brass materials, a single stem design with a broad base, creative designs for children’s use etc. Consider the decorations in the room where the candle holder will be placed to ensure that it fits well in the overall aesthetic. It’s also important to make sure that the candle holder can accommodate your choice of candles. Finally, look for quality construction and craftsmanship of the piece to ensure its longevity. With these factors in mind, you’re sure to find just the right Jewish candle holder for your home and celebrations!

Candle Quality

It is important to make sure the candles you purchase are good quality and made specifically for use in a menorah. If you have purchased a menorah made out of metal, look for metal-safe candles that will not damage the surface of your menorah. If you have purchased a ceramic or glass menorah, paraffin wax candles are usually best as they do not burn too hot and will not damage your candle holder.

modern jewish candle holder

Decorations and Accessories

As well as the traditional Hanukkah candles, there are many decorative accessories available for your candle holder such as dreidels and other decorative pieces that can add some extra flair to your Hanukkah celebration. There are also special electric candle holders designed specifically for those who prefer not to light real flame candles during their celebration or who live in areas with fire safety regulations prohibiting open flames indoors.

Jewish Table Decor Ideas

Hanukkah table setting


The Hanukkah menorah is an important part of Jewish culture and tradition, so finding the perfect one should be fun! Whether you’re looking for a classic metal design or an intricate ceramic piece with decorations and accessories, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to buying a Jewish candle holder that meets all your needs. Happy shopping!

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