Alabaster Stone Votive Candle Holders

alabaster stone votive candle holders

Among all the stone made votive candle holders, the alabaster stone votive candle holders are the most dazzling and spectacular décor products.

What is Alabaster?

Alabaster is a mineral or rock that is soft, often used for carving, and is processed for plaster powder – Wikipedia.

The alabaster stone votive candle holders come in many shapes and sizes but it is their glistening characteristic feature that stuns everyone.

These votive candle holders just like the marble stone ones have innate lines and designs on their bodies which add to their magnificence. However, their beauty is accentuated tenfold with the addition of glowing candle insets.

white alabaster candle holders
Alabaster stone holder set
alabaster blush votive candle holder
Rose alabaster stone
alabaster table decor
Table decor

Alabaster Jars

Check out some Egyptian oriental alabaster jars for a very warm and romantic atmosphere:

egyptian alabaster jars
Alabaster jars
stevie tealight candle holder
Decorative alabaster jar
white alabaster candleholders
Alabaster candleholders set

They treat everyone’s eyes with a visual spectacle at any time of the day these alabaster stone votive candle holders look especially dreamy and surreal during the dusky evenings and dark nights.

alabaster decor
Alabaster decor

egyptian alabaster
Alabaster votives

The stone votive candle holders are sure to make their naturally elegant presence felt by spreading positive energy and aura. With the bright burning candles in them, they also comfort the souls with tranquility and give hope elevating the spiritual aspect.

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