Best Wooden Candle Holders for your Home Decor

best wooden candle holders

There is more to a wooden candle holder than meets the eye. It is more than a simple stand used to hold candles. Wooden candle holders serve multiple purposes: They are used to create a warm and welcoming effect in the home, are exchanged as gifts as they make excellent keepsakes, and provide functional lights for activities like candlelight dinner.

Wooden Candle Holders Ideas

living room pillar wood candle holders

We all seek complete makeover of our homes during festivals, and this year should be no different. We have compiled a brief list of wooden candleholders that you can use to brighten up festivities effortlessly and quickly.

tealight square wood center piece

large wooden candle holders

Opt for Taste Rather than Trend

Going with whatever is in fashion is a no-brainer. If you want to stand out from the rest, you have to secure what you love. You have plenty of choices to explore depending on your taste and needs, ranging from classy traditional designs to funky contemporary ones.

wood centerpiece

christmas decor wood candles

Gothic, Roman, Baroque, Neoclassical, and Contemporary are some of the styles you can choose. Shabby hand-carved church wooden pillar candle holder, display tray with multiple candle holders for tealights, and wooden tealight candle holder with glass shade are some of the popular designs.

Get a Makeover for your House with Wooden Candle Holders.

white wood candle holder

set 2 wall wooden candleholders

As taper candles are very common, wood taper candle holders are equally popular among the interior designers and aesthetically conscious people. For a modern appearance, choose any bright sleek taper candle holder to ooze class and charisma.

Provide a Personal Touch

table decor candlesticks

When upgrading your home, you have to make a style statement that reflects the current trend as well as your taste. You can achieve the required balance by choosing trendy items and then tweaking them a little bit to impart a personal touch to everything.

tall wood candle holders

For instance, you could opt for rustic wood candle holders along with antique wooden furniture to create a rustic ambiance at your home.

table decor centerpice wooden candleholder

Keep Overall Appearance of Your Home in Mind

When shopping for wooden candle holders for your house, you have to keep in mind the overall feel of your home. You also have to take into account the mood that you want to create.

stand wood candles

centerpiece candle holder birchwood

The market is flooded with a plethora of candle holders; all you need to do is let your creative instincts guide you. For example, create a beachy look with spalted beech wood votive candle holders and round wooden tealight candle holders.

Bright Hues are Forever

Bright hurricane candle holders, multi-hued pillar candle holders, and ornate candelabras are perfect for providing a festive look to your personal space. Remember one thing: Bright and warm hues are forever.

vintage wooden candle holders

3d wooden design

So, these candle holders will enhance the appeal of your home during the festivals and continue to enrich appeal even when festivals are over. The timeless, eye-catching candelabras have not lost charm and are ideal for displaying several candles at once.

handmade wooden candle holders

A large wooden candle holder is enough to create a unique focal point. With their sleek bodies and cheerful appearance, taper candleholders occupy a proud place in every house and restaurant these days.

tealight Wood Candle Holders Candlestick

How to Make Wooden Candle Holders DIY

white wooden candle holders

Learn how to made exclusive DIY designs: from white or black wooden candle holders to pillar and large designs.

Where to Buy Wooden Candle Holders

Check out our list of 5 online stores where you can buy in bulk modern wooden candle holders and high quality products at affordable prices:


We have seen how wooden candle holders are a great addition to your home decor for a refreshing appeal. Place them anywhere in your home or gift them to your loved ones to enhance the overall interior experience of their home.

african wood votive holders

We have listed only some of the ways you can use wooden candle holders. You have to carefully weigh your needs, budget, and options to select the best candle holder for your home.

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