A Guide On Contemporary Votive Candle Holders

contemporary votive candle holders

Candles add an aura of tranquility and serenity to the surroundings. Accessorizing candles with candle holders enhances the elegance and revitalizes the overall look. Votive candle holders boost the impact of the votive candles and dramatize the ambiance. Irrespective of space and décor they bless the environment with the right amount of calmness and class.

handmade wooden candle holders

The Guide

Votive candles are small in size and often looked upon as tea light candles but they need to be contained in small votive candle holders unlike tea light candles which come in self-contained cups.

vintage inspired pressed glass votives warm set of 6

Votive candle holders are available in a large variety of shapes and designs. So if you are confused about making the right choice here is your guide for votive candleholders.

Preferred Designs

wood votivesVotive candle holders come in different beautiful shapes and styles that can be used to elevate various interior decor styles and themes. Simple yet elegant glass or crystal votive candle holders placed on the dinner table play a significant role in creating the perfect atmosphere for guests. If you are decorating a table for Valentine’s Day décor, wedding, birthday or any other party, an elegantly made gold-plated votive candle holder looks extremely attractive and surely catches the eye of every guest.

Votive candle holders boost the impact of the votive candles and dramatize the ambiance.

christmas holidays decor

For those who want an artistic and classy touch for their living rooms, hallways and stair case, rustic wood votive candle holders are the perfect choice. They not only revamp the interior décor but also help illuminate the space. Another vastly accepted style of wood votive candle holders are the multi colored ones.

wedding couple

They are mostly preferred for night time outdoor parties and events, where the colorful display of candlelight brightens the whole environment and gives the guests a blissful experience.

gold metallic votives

Unique Votive Candle Holders

Creative Handmade Religion Christmas Gifts Wooden Candle HolderAn exquisitely crafted votive candle holder catches the attention of the viewer very quickly and when used with a scented candle it will surely take the guests on a delightful journey. Few unique crafted designs that are vastly accepted amongst home and business owners include the flower shapes mostly roses, tulips and lotus. Exclusively crafted glass and crystal holders are also amongst the favorites as they introduce that royal look all of us want to attain.

Ideas for Placements

amazon candle holders

Intelligently placed votive candleholders can surely create an unforgettable atmosphere.  Wall votive candle holders, when placed in a structured form not only soothe the eye of the viewer but fulfills the adequate lightning requirement.

yellow steel wall candle holder by homesake yellow steel wall candle holder

Hanging votive candle holders placed at the entrance can create a magnanimous effect for the arriving guests and an everlasting effect on departure. Using votive candle holders as centerpieces can elegantly enhance your wedding table, dining table, living room or bed room table decor.

hanging succulents

Since votive candles are favorite accessories to cleanse the ambiance and conduct therapies at spas and baths, obviously you want to hold the candle with the candle holder to ensure a safe and mood enhancing experience. Whereas, you can use outdoor garden stake votive candle holders to magnify the ambiance and impart a romantic touch.


reusing votives

Simple to use yet granting modish allure to the space, votive candle holders are a practical addition to any interior decor. As radiant as they are, cheap glass votive candle holders bestow luxury to ordinary candles and can also help you save some money. Votive candles when placed in holders maximize the burning time as they help pool the wax and allow the candle to give full burn time. Candles can be pretty unsafe and can create a mess if placed without the base or left unattended hence the importance of votive candle holders can never be ignored.

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