How to Make Soy Candles at Home?

How to Make Soy Candles at Home

What makes everyone love a candle as a décor product so much? Well, it is one long list that contains too many reasons such as, being small and chic, easy to use and handle, available for purchase almost everywhere, and easy to make.

Wait, really? Yes, you read the last one right. They are indeed quite easy to make and this is why people fall in love with them, especially home décor enthusiasts.

How to Make Candles from Soy Wax

It would not be an overstatement to say that homemade and DIY candles are a raging trend that many people have taken up as a profession. In such unprecedented times, where the world is still under recovery post-pandemic, candle making has for sure turned out to be a profitable business.

How to Make Soy Candles

But having said that, there are certain fundamentals to be considered such as the equipment needed, cost involved and type of wax to be used among other factors which determine your profitability irrespective of small scale or large scale production.

Making Candles from scratch

making soy candles

Although paraffin wax is majorly used for production, thinking about profitability and sustainability, soy wax is a very good alternative specifically for people who want to make candles within their homes or as a small scale business. But how to make homemade soy candles step by step? Well, let’s get down to the basics involved in the process to know the answers about soy candle making.

How to Make Candles Step by Step

How to Make Soy Candles step by step

Why Prefer Soy Among Other Wax Types?

variety diy soy candles

There are various types of wax that are used to manufacture candles. While paraffin is the most preferred type, gel wax, beeswax, and palm wax made from palm oil are the other variants.

soy candles

But why should you choose soy over all the other wax types? The answer is quite simple. Soy wax is made completely from soybeans and they are very easy to cultivate.

Soy Wax vs Paraffin Wax

orange lemon soy candles

Since they are natural, they have a much lower carbon footprint, and all that is needed to grow soybeans are seeds, soil, manure, and proper care and cultivating methods.

diy beeswax candles

So, does it mean paraffin is hazardous? No, but it is noteworthy to mention that paraffin is obtained artificially out of petroleum based products and using soy wax for small scale business, especially for the “homemade” type is considerably cheaper.

Where I can buy Natural Soy Wax?

natural soy

Below there are some online stores where you can get the best soy wax for candle making:

What do you need to make soy candles?

candle instruments

Soy candles are pretty easy to make in any container that can bear the wax’s boiling temperature. You can opt for glass holders, glass jars, wooden containers, stone, or clay pots, the choice is completely yours. It depends on your creativity level to choose the right kind of holder for your candle.

soy wax is a very good alternative specifically for people who want to make candles within their homes.

The other things needed to make soy candles are cotton wicks and sticking tapes and you are all set and ready to go!

soy beads

The sticking tapes hold the cotton wicks in place at the bottom of the containers and prevent them from floating when melted wax is poured in.

essential oils

And of course, it is going to get hot as you might expect and hence, using protective gears such as aprons, gloves and tongs are always suggested for personal safety.

Where to buy cotton wicks and sticking tapes

sticking tapes

Below there are some online stores where you can get the best sticking tapes and cotton wicks for candle making:

How to Make Soy Candles to Sell

nice design candle

Accumulate enough amount of soy wax in a metal container based on the number of candles you want to produce. Heat the wax until it reaches a point where it is easy to pour into the glass holders, glass jars or whichever holder you want to use.

selling my candles

Make sure the wicks are already stuck to the container’s bottom with tapes. Next, hold the cotton wicks straight and pour the soy wax into the container. Use scissors to shorten the wick to the length required for burning the candle and allow the wax to cool off and solidify.

homemade candles

In addition, you can read how to make candles to sell.

DIY Videos

Let’s review some videos where you can easily make soy candles:

DIY Candle Ideas

essential oil roses candle

cup candle

halloween homemade candles

christmas homemade candles

how to make candles with wooden wicks

candle jar designs


Candle making can also be a good hobby for kids and young adults apart from being a business for regular income or profit for the adults.

While the procedure for making soy candles is simple, it is worth mentioning that making the scented variants using essential oils is not hard at all but can increase your profitability factors considerably.

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