Rock Stone Votive Candle Holders

stone votive candle holders

The rock stone has a very special connection with people who are spiritual in nature and hence for them, rock stone votive candle holders are a symbol of spirituality.

Pebble Stones

The pebble stone votive candle holders show their magnificence when used at altars and memorials for prayers and offerings.

beeswax rock candles
pebble stones

They exude such natural elegance through their rigid structure and shapes. The pebble stone votive candle holders are made from carefully picked pebble stones from river beds which are later carved and polished with machinery in order to hold candles.

china salt crystal
salt rock
three stones
beehive stone
cement cancle holder
dark stone

Their natural outer stone body is retained to keep their subtle looks. Mostly these pebble stone votive candle holders are not carved or engraved with designs on the outside as most people wish to keep it simple when it comes to prayers and memorials.

Granite Stone

On the other hand the granite stone votive candleholders impart extravagance through different shapes and sizes.

Stone Votive Candle Holders You’ll Love

granite pillar
Granite pillar
granite holder
Granite jar

The granite stone votive candle holders are carved to make holders for candles and nothing else is done to enhance their looks or designs. Their outer coarse structure is kept as it is to flaunt that earthy elegance and natural feel.

fossil stone
fosil stones
natural white selenite geode reiki stone
Selenite stones
cube stone
Cube stone
cone stones
cement holders

Decor Ideas

Let’s see some awesome stone candle holder decoration ideas:

DIY Candle Holder

Check out this video for more ideas and learn how to make a beautiful beach rock tealight holder!

Be it one large granite stone with two or three holes carved in it or many small granite stones fixed upon each other to make a disc shaped or cone shaped candle holder, these granite stone votive candle holders show off style and flair in their true nature.

Because of this, these candle holders are also at times placed in lawns and gardens for a beautiful sight during the evenings.

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