Lively Home Décor Ideas with Unique Votive Candle Holders

Lively Home Decor Ideas

Votive candles are a beautiful way to illuminate your home but to use them effectively they are placed in votive candle holders. By using creative votive candle holders, you can easily achieve a visually appealing and welcoming home interior.

Candle Decoration Ideas at Home

These candle holders not just only give a lively feeling to your space but also enhance the tranquility and allure of the soft flickering candle lights. You can select either simple glass or decorative votive candle holders or you can make DIY votive candle holders to form an extraordinary design.

best Candle Decoration Ideas at Home

This sounds interesting but a bit confusing too, just keep reading so that you can get some ideas on how to jazz up your home design with votive candle holders.

Decorative Votive Candle Holders to Liven up Your Home Space

To display exuberance and warmth, the decorative votive candle holders are an amazing addition to your space. For a perfect touch of glow and elegance, you can place them as centerpieces on your coffee and dining tables. They can also serve as an impressive decoration for the dressing table and window sill. For instance, glass mosaic votive candle holders made of hundreds of small glass colorful fragments pasted on a glass bowl make gorgeous accent pieces and when a candle is set alight, they refract the candlelight in various colors creating a delightful atmosphere.

candles valentines day decor

Similarly, colored votive candle holders grant vibrancy and cheerfulness to your interior décor and if you like something extravagant you can always go for gold or silver votive candle holders. You can also make your décor exceptional with crystal votive candle holders that exude alluring charm and impart an imperial touch.  Other tremendous options are frosted glass & wood tray votive candle holders and artistically crafted metal votive candle holders that instantly brighten up any dull and dreary space.

Luxury Votive Candle Holders for Home Décor

Most people want a simple candle holder to brighten up their home decor but some want more elaborative and sumptuous designs to add a royal touch to their home interiors. To impart a serene appeal to your evening table decorations, umbrella table votive candle holders arranged as a centerpiece is a great choice, as it takes minimum space on the table and provides sufficient light.

Candle Decoration Ideas Home

Designed in an umbrella shape with clear glass votive candle holders set on the metal finished frame, oozing with shimmer, imparts a dramatic feel. For giving a classic touch to your room and hallway interiors, metal wall candelabra with glass votive candle holders is a perfect choice as the metallic structure along with glass holders elegantly accent your votive candles.

candle centerpieces

Create a luxurious feel for your home décor with metal vintage style sculptured candle holders as they provide a wonderful nuance to any evening. Magnificently crafted crystal lotus votive tea light candle holders will bring a pop of glamour and charm to any shelf or table in your home. Made from high quality wood, a wood votive candle tray with glass votive holders and rocks adds an oomph factor to your coffee table.

Spa Bath Votive Candle Holders

A spa bath treatment usually takes place in private rooms. They are extremely popular for relaxation and rejuvenating your body. The bathing experience will surely be more luxurious than a regular bath and improve the wellness factor.

Candle Decor Ideas bathroom

The interior of spas plays an essential role in creating the right ambiance. Votive candle holders with scented votive candles in them are used to create aromas and are one of the most popular spa treatments.

decorative candles interior decor bath

As votive candle holders increase the burn time the scented votive candles in glass votive candle holders placed in a tray added with multi colored pebbles, leaves and petals create the perfect optics for you.

colored votive candle holders grant vibrancy and cheerfulness to your interior décor

Beautiful DIY Votive Candle Holders

It’s not necessary to buy an expensive candle holder for decorative purposes. You can also revamp your existing simple votive candle holders with easy DIY techniques.

home Candle Decoration Ideas

Put in a little extra effort to make your own votive holders by utilizing materials available in your house. Transform your clear glass votive candle holders into eye catching decor accessories with lace ribbons and metallic gold paint or cover them with glitter to get sparkling glitter votive candle holders. Similarly, you can put glass beads, lace, and twigs on glass votive candleholders to lift up the overall look.

diy candles decoration ideas

Additionally, wrapping rope around a plain glass hurricane votive candle holder will boost its appearance majestically. However, if you don’t have any candle holders at the moment there is no need to be worried, just look in your house for things that you can recycle and use for your DIY votive candle holder project.

decorative vases

For example, mason jars are easily available in every household so you can customize them using glitter, vinyl stickers and paints to make amazing votive candle holders. You can even attach rope, chain or handles to convert them into awesome hanging votive candle holders.

Votive Candle Holders for Seasonal Decor

An interesting way to renovate your home interior is to add seasonal decorations and including decorative votive candle holders featuring seasonal accents is an easy way to do that. You can place Christmas votive candle holders in winters and the holiday season or you can bring a beach vibe with beach votive candle holders for the summer season.

christmas votives decor

Similarly, you can decorate with rustic votive candle holders in the fall season. Couple your votive candleholders with fresh flowers or use vibrant colored votive candle holders to complete your spring display.

Votive Candle Holders – A Unique Gift

Candle holders are an ideal and thoughtful gift that is both useful and decorative. Personalized votive candle holders can be a perfect choice as a gift to express your feelings towards your loved ones.

williams sonoma winter forest candle gift

The preferred options can be hand-painted glass votive candle holders, engraved wood votive candle holders and digitally printed photo votive candle holders.

candle wood decoration

More Home Décor Ideas


There are countless votive candle holders that can add the required oomph factor to your home décor. However, it is important to choose unique votive candle holders that complement your interior design to impart an alluring charm.

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