Best 7 Votive Candle Holders on Pottery Barn

pottery barn candle holders

Trendy home décor ideas for all occasions using votive candle holders from Pottery Barn! What were once termed as festive décor items are now used to embellish homes and interior spaces for all occasions! Yes, we are indeed talking about votive candle holders.

Pottery Barn Candle Holders

pottery barn votive candle holder

Though they are considered to be the embodiment of people’s spiritual beliefs and sentiments across the globe, votive candle holders have come a long way now.

Opt for crystal votive candle holders to adorn your home during parties or use wooden votive candle holders to embellish your interior space even during normal days or you can even choose glass votive candle holders to accentuate your tables during casual family get together parties and the list keeps going on.

Candles Holders on Sale

Modish and contemporary designs are a raging trend now and Pottery Barn’s stunning decorative votive candle holders give you a great opportunity to stylize your home décor and personal space not just during events and occasions but on all days as well. On that note, let’s check out some mind blowing ideas to elevate your interior aesthetics using votive candle holders.

Modern Glass Votive Candle holders

modern glass votive candle holders

Modern Glass Votive Candle holders with simple yet classy appearances prove to be spectacular additions to your interior space during events and festivals. These glass votive candle holders can spruce up your interior aesthetics elegantly with their alluring glossiness and sizzling neutral-hued demeanor.

The fantastic glimmer they exude during the evenings with bright candles burning within will fill your house with serenity.

Laguna Frosted Glass Votive Candleholders

laguna frosted glass votive candle holders set

Specifically made for the holiday season and the snowy winter time of the year, the Laguna Frosted Glass Votive Candleholders can be a wondrous inclusion to your décor lineup during family parties and get together events. The enthralling frosted appearance of these glass votive candle holders will indeed receive many accolades from all your guests and visitors.

Place these colored votive candle holders with frosty finishing on the teapoys near the chimneys and let their gleaming reflection elevate the vibes of the event making up for many memorable moments.

Gold Eclectic Mercury Votive Holders

gold eclectic mercury votive holders set

If colored and frosted votive candle holders ooze visual spectacle with their celestial looks, the mercury votive candle holders are known for their imperial appeal.

Arrange the Gold Eclectic Mercury Votive Holders on showcases and tables during birthday celebrations and casual family dinner parties to enhance the décor of your event. The royal appearance of these mercury votive candle holders will mesmerize your guests with their awe inspiring beauty and gold patina.

Frosted Fir & Chestnut Scented Snowflake Votive Candle Set

scented snowflake votive candle set frosted fir chestnut

Votive candle holders can impress one and all with their elegance and sheer presence but the Frosted Fir & Chestnut Scented Snowflake Votive Candle Set will make your event more wondrous and enthralling. The intoxicating fragrance of the fir and chestnut scented candles and the brilliantly designed white votive candle holders are sure to make everyone go wow with their amazing visual beauty and alluring scent.

The frosted snowflake design imprinted on the glass votive candle holders will surely draw lots of rich and praiseworthy compliments from everyone present at the event.

Draper Bronze Multi Votive Candle Holder

draper bronze multi votive candle holders

Votive candle holders are capable of accentuating any place in your house with their presence as they are such versatile décor products. But the Draper Bronze Multi Votive Candle Holder is specifically made for the tables or showcases as it turns out to be a stunning centerpiece.

The metallic sheen of the minimalistic center stand and the clear glass votive candle holders perched on different levels will be a phenomenal sight that everyone will relish without taking their eyes off. These bright shimmering small votive candle holders can elevate the ambiance of romantic candlelight dinners by many notches.

Sentiment Votive Candle Holder

sentiment votive candle holder peace

Holidays come with a great opportunity to spread joy and hope. And using the Sentiment Votive Candle Holder as part of your home décor will be a brilliant addition. These glass votive candle holders with speckled design and the alphabetical imprint of the word “PEACE” will surely be a heart touching note.

The best thing about these decorative votive candle holders is that they make great gifts and presents. So, if you can’t decide on a holiday gift for your loved ones, wrap up this sentiment votive candle holder set to enjoy the memorable moment with love and laughter.

Amber Texture Glass Votives

texture glass votives amber

Though votive candle holders represent spiritual beliefs and sentiments, certain votive candle holders like the Amber Texture Glass Votives are purely made with the intention of embellishing your showcases and teapoys. Especially, glass votive candle holders made with enticing color combinations can be very appealing. And these amber texture colored votive candle holders are made with shattered glass particles placed on top which makes them ooze grandeur like none other.

The shimmering glossy appeal of the glass votive candle holder and the stunning shadows they throw on the walls due to the burning candles will surely enhance the ambiance of ceremonial celebrations and parties.

Pottery Barn Candles

amazon votives
But wait! Don’t forget to buy candles and votives (e.g. hanukkah, voluspa, citronella, luminara, advent, mosquito and also yankee candles).

They are more versatile than ever, with new designs in a variety of materials, and they are perfect for your bedside, desk, or countertop.


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Modern votive candle holders with trendy designs, glossy glass patterns, and metallic sheen help you embellish your home on all occasions with grandeur and imperial allure.

While simplistic yet modish votive candle holders such as the clear glass votive candle holders and colored votive candle holders look even more dazzling as they enhance your interior aesthetics without overshadowing other decor elements!

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