Creative Things to Do with Leftover Votive Candle Holders

leftover votive candle holders

Votive candle holders though used for the purpose of illuminating and religious practices are also a very good source for creative home décor. They just spread beauty and elegance in every possible way and make houses and the events look calm and serene.

old candles

Now while they are used, they can be utilized in many possible ways to grab attention of your guests and also to soothe your souls but these votive candle holders are still useful in every possible way even after their purpose is done.

Make DIY Home décor Items

reusing votives

Votive candleholders are such elegant looking home décor items that can be painted and placed as table décor items too when they are not being used as candle holders.

They can be colorfully painted and be placed as little vases on top of tables or can be placed at the show cases, mantel, study tables and anywhere else where you can show off some elegant symbolism of home décor artistry.

Use As Hanging Chimes and Decor

hanging succulents

While hanging candle holders are top trendy items for holding candles at prayers and events or occasions, even after their purpose is done the same process can be still repeated without the candles inside.

The acrylic color painted votive candle holders can be hung using jute ropes near the windows and beside the doors. When the breeze passes by, they dance and rub against each other creating the beautiful clinging sounds which are soothing music to the ears and souls.

Fill With Cute Fillers

plant fillers

The next simple yet creative idea to do with the leftover votive candle holders is that they can be used as little vases with fillers. They can be any fillers ranging from colored pebbles and colored sand to small berries, nuts or even dried ferns and small water and air plants.

The candle holders look so cute and elegant with the alluring charm and make heads turn and take notice of them for long periods of time at any occasion or event. This way the discarded votive candle holders can be converted into little decorative vases.

As stationary holders

stationery holders

Some votive candleholders cannot be used as such because at times they get cracked while being harshly handled. But that does not mean these wonderful yet damaged pieces of artistry need to be disposed or thrown away.

reuse candles holders

They can be as usual painted using acrylic colors or glitter paints and be used as stationary holders at study tables in bedrooms or living rooms. Based on the sizes of the votive candle holders, different categories of stationary items can be placed inside the votive candle holders.

As self-standing or hanging lights

led strings glass

The votive candle holders not just during their time of usage, but even after their purpose is done can be used for the purpose of lighting up places and events.

Using the LED serial cable lights these leftover votive candle holders can still be brought back to light and life by wounding the LED lights around the votive candle holders using glue. Since LED light cables are battery operated they are easy to use and can be hung anywhere inside or outside the house.

Culinary Ways

culinary ways reuse candle holders

You can read our post about Culinary Ways to Use Votive Candle Holders.


These are some of the creative and innovative ideas to implement on leftover votive candle holders, try these and use them as colorful and elegant home décor items.

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