Floating Candles: A Magical Journey Through Hogwarts Legacy

floating candles a magical journey through hogwarts legacy

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter universe, then you will be beyond excited for the upcoming release of the new video game, Hogwarts Legacy. Get ready to embark on an adventure full of magical creatures, mysterious artifacts, and intricate puzzles that you must solve in order to progress through the levels. And it wouldn’t be a true Harry Potter experience without one essential element – floating candles!

How to Make Floating Candles

Have you ever wanted to experience the magic of Hogwarts? Now you can, with a little bit of DIY magic and a few simple materials, you can make your own floating candles that look like they came straight out of a real-life version of the popular video game. These candles are an immersive way to bring the Harry Potter universe into your home.

How to Make Floating Candles

Whether you’re a fan of the books or movies, these candles will transport you straight into a world of witchcraft and wizardry. If you’re looking to bring a little bit of Hogwarts magic into your own home, read on for a step-by-step guide on how to make your own floating candles!

What You’ll Need:

To start off, you’ll need some supplies. You’ll need a few paper towel rolls (the number depends on how many candles you want to make), balloons, scissors, hot glue gun, glue sticks, battery operated tea lights or LED candles (or both if desired), and string or fishing line.

harry potter inspired floating led tea light

Step 1: Making the Frames

The first step is to cut off each paper towel roll into four pieces that are roughly 2 inches long each. Pinch them together slightly so they form a circular shape with an opening in the middle. These are going to be your frames for your floating candles. Secure them together with a hot glue gun if necessary.

diy candles

Step 2: Preparing The Balloons

Next, take one balloon at a time and push it through each frame so it pokes out of both sides. You can then use scissors or an exacto knife to carefully trim off any excess balloon material so that it fits snugly within each frame. Once all your balloons are properly trimmed and secured, use your hot glue gun to secure them onto each frame again if needed.

Step 3: Adding The Lights

Now it’s time for the fun part – adding in your battery operated tea lights or LED candles! Use hot glue to attach them onto either side of each balloon frame so that they sit securely within their frames without falling out when held upside down (or sideways). Make sure you turn these lights on before moving onto the next step!

magical candle

Step 4: Attaching The String/Fishing Line

Finally, tie one end of your chosen string/fishing line onto each candle and tie the other end onto something sturdy like an overhead beam or ceiling light fixture. When finished, hang all your floating candles from different heights for varying effects and voila! You now have yourself some beautiful floating candle replicas just like those seen in Hogwarts Legacy!

white painted diy floating candles

Display Ideas

Now that you know how to make your own floating candles, all that’s left is to find a way to display them. If you want maximum effect just like in Hogwarts Legacy, try hanging multiple candles from a wire or string above your head as if they were stars twinkling in the night sky!

Harry Potter Floating Candles

Another option is to place several candles on different surfaces around your home so they appear as if they are hovering above them. Whichever method you choose will surely add a touch of magic and wonder to whatever space you’re decorating!

How to Use Floating Candles

Bringing a bit of magical charm into our homes is always fun, especially when it comes from one of our favorite movies or games such as Harry Potter’s beloved Hogwarts Legacy. By following this simple guide you can easily recreate those iconic floating candles seen throughout the game and bring some extra life into any room with minimal effort and expense!

harry potter candles

Whether these are used as decorations or part of themed events such as Halloween or birthday parties – once complete these amazing floating candle replicas will certainly add an extra dose of enchantment!

DIY Floating Candle Ideas

DIY Floating Candles

Floating Candles Decor

Making Harry Potter Floating Candles


With just a few simple supplies and some creativity, anyone can create their own beautiful display of levitating lights for any special occasion or celebration – no wand required! So why not give it a try today and see what kind of spellbinding atmosphere awaits?

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